Secular Student Alliance Seeks Fall Interns July 17, 2007

Secular Student Alliance Seeks Fall Interns

(The Secular Student Alliance now has a blog! Here’s the RSS feed. Add the SSA to your feed reader and blogroll!)

If you live near Albany, NY and are looking for a worthwhile internship during the school year, the SSA has one for you:

  • These positions are ten weeks long and have a $100/week stipend.
  • The start and stop dates are flexible, as are breaks, we only require a commitment of approximately ten weeks between late August and late December.
  • These positions are 20 hr./week positions and will take place during normal business hours except where otherwise noted. (ca. 9 am to 5 pm Monday – Friday)
  • The interns will work at the Humanist Center ( where we are housed by the Institute for Humanist Studies (IHS).
  • On a case-by-case basis some work may be able to be done via telecommunicating.
  • Business casual dress is required.

There are different areas in which an intern can focus (e.g. Public Relations, Fundraising, etc.) and a series of screening questions you must fill out if interested. More information is here!

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  • Mriana

    Damn! I wish I lived closer. 🙁 No telling how I’d be using my major in English writing. I have dreamed of working for a Humanist organization too. 🙁 Then again, they might not want a non-traditional student for the internship either. 😥 Sigh. Two strikes against me, but they wouldn’t call being a non-theist or Humanist strike three at least. 😀 So, if I only lived closer, I could very well have a chance of at least an internship of something. Well, there is always hope of a job there one day if I can bite the bullet concerning the freezing cold winters up there. 😆

  • Susan

    Ouch, it’s as if they made it just for me (especially since I am going to school right near Albany) but I’m gonna have to decline. I have one more year of school to finish (before grad school) but I can’t let anything take time away from that (as I have the last few years).

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