Who Is My Savior July 14, 2007

Who Is My Savior

A couple cartoons courtesy of Home on the Strange:


(Thanks to Andrew for the links!)

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  • As an old Whovian I found this hilarious…I’ll have to remember this for when someone comes to the door next….

    I have only seen season 1 of the NEW Doctor Who…has anyone noticed more religious references in it then there was in the original series? I noticed references to God, heaven, etc…coming from the Doctor! I think it was in the Five Doctors it was explained that there were dangers to wanting immortality…and that’s why the number of regenerations was limited to 12.

  • @Cat’s Staff: The first season of the new Doctor Who is pretty good. It’s pretty much downhill from there. Season Two has the highlight of “The Girl in the Fireplace”, season three has “Human Nature/Family of Blood” (2 parter) and “Blink”. Other than that, everything’s pretty forgettable. And trust me- you don’t want to see how they ruin the Daleks and the Master.

    My wife prefers Patrick Troughton. I grew up on Tom Baker.

  • I’m told there are two Mormons making the rounds in my town. I’ll stick to my usual arguing the Bible with them, it’s more fun and it tends to drive them nuts. I’ve actually been black balled by the JWs, seems they don’t want to risk me anymore.

    I still say the first Romana was better than the second one, just like the first Lois Lane was. These second comings of female sidekicks always turn out to be sort of brain dead.

  • And Dr. Who has a real hot looking assistant, which beats the invisible Holy Spirit everytime.

  • Polly

    That was funny.

    I’m going to share this because I finally found a topic where it fits. I was listening to NPR on a local radio station last week. The subject was Pirates in China authoring books and calling them “Harry Potter and (this or that)” Some were actually based on Chinese magic.
    One woman (or girl) when asked her opinion on the faux fiction said something to the effect of: this is not good because Harry Potter is my belief. They can’t change what’s written to whatever they want.

    Harry Potter was her “belief”! I sure hope that was a language problem!

  • Awesome!

    Often it is much more effective to debate with die-hard faith heads this way than using pure logic and reasoning. Perhaps this is something you could bring up in the atheists tactics debate Hemant.

  • Mriana

    ROFLMBO! That is exactly how they act too- like big babies when the opposing side says something contradictory to their beliefs. They start crying and/or getting angry and scream.

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