Identity-Altering Machine July 12, 2007

Identity-Altering Machine

The Chicago Tribune gave a “meh” review to the new Second City e.t.c. show called Pratfall of Civilization.

But critic Chris Jones did refer to this bit about Mitt Romney:

“He’s got a weird religion,” says the guy in the white coat, sticking the Republican presidential candidate into an identity-altering machine designed to convert a Mormon into an evangelical. “It scares a lot of fundamentalist Christians.”

A crazy, wild-haired, monkeylike assistant called Geraldine Ferraro hits a few levers, and a new Romney emerges. “Feels the same,” says the candidate. “Yeah,” shrugs the scientist, “there’s not much difference.”

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  • Also… “including a droll sketch in which two NASCAR devotees in beard and mullet discuss the finer historical nuances of the Shiite and Sunni divide.” Wow.

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