$10 Says He Doesn’t Get Through Chapter One July 12, 2007

$10 Says He Doesn’t Get Through Chapter One

German journalist (Gernalist?) Günter Wallraff wants to read Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses.

Out loud. In a soon-to-be-built mosque.

“If I do this then I want to make a difference; it’s not meant to be a provocation,” he said in an interview that appeared in several German media outlets, adding that the book should be read and discussed by the Muslim public, which “currently is condemning something it does not know about.”

The new mosque’s leaders have not said “No” to him… yet:

[Wallraff] said the Ankara-funded Ditib religious foundation had not been insulted and was discussing his proposal.

The organization’s secretary for dialog, Bekir Alboga, said Wallraff’s idea had not been rejected outright, and that the Ditib board, would respond to the request.

Incidentally, Wallraff and Rushdie are friends– Rushdie “stayed in Wallraff’s apartment in Cologne during visits to Cologne in the 1990s…”

(via MediaWatchWatch)

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  • Hehe… when I read the first sentence, I assumed your bet was that he would put it down because it was so unreadable. I never finished the book myself, though I did get past the first chapter.

  • Just… Wow. I wonder: Do heretics have a pantheon for martyrs? Best of luck to him.

  • Polly

    Exactly…brave, brave man.