It Was Bound To Happen July 10, 2007

It Was Bound To Happen

I was waiting for someone to wrongly contact me about the Snapple case (Someone with the same name as me filed an idiotic lawsuit against them).

And it hadn’t happened… until today.

Here’s the letter I received this morning from a French reporter:

Dear Sir,

I am contacting you today in regards to a possible law suit I believe has been filed by yourself against Cadbury Schweppes Plc for claims over mislabelling products like Snapple juice as ”all natural”. I am hoping to put some questions to you regarding this if possible.

These are:

What has encouraged you to take out the suit against cabury’s in particular?

Are there any other companies you are looking at, or may focus on in the future?

Is the suit just against Snapple or other brands as well?

What do you hope the court action may achieve?

Do you have any additional proof, or is your grounds based on the companies own ingredients labelling?

Thank you for reading this e-mail. I hope that I have the right person and more importantly that you may be able to help me. I am unfortunately hoping to put something out on this in the next few hours, so any help you can give me will be most gratefully appreciated.

Yours Faithfully,


I wrote him back saying it wasn’t me. But if he ever wanted to talk about the relationship between food and atheism, he should let me know.

Because as we all know, atheists love their fetuses medium-rare 🙂

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  • Lies! I prefer my foetuses well-done – I find the squishiness off-putting.

    Although this does go to show that some reporters at least pretend to fact-check, rather than simply making it up as they go along without the pretence.

  • Miko

    Yours Faithfully,

    Interesting choice of words.

  • I like mine burnt, smothered in barbecue sauce.

    Actually, they’re a bit too stringy for my taste.

  • Atheists also prefer their wine in glasses bigger than thimbles.

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