Moons Over Manhattan July 9, 2007

Moons Over Manhattan

A billboard in New York’s Times Square is raising a lot of eyebrows and drawing ire from a local church.

The billboard in question can be seen here. A better *ahem* glimpse can be seen here.

According to Rev. Neil Rhodes, pastor of the interdenominational Times Square Church:

“You walk into a church building, you have naked bodies before your eyes, how are you going to close your eyes and seek God?”

The Associated Press says the ad “is to go up on two sides of the Broadway building that houses Rhodes’ church, its Bible school and day-care center.”

I understand the reverend’s concern, but he says it like there are no sexual ads in Times Square. In fact, the context for this ad campaign is far purer than what you see for most of the other ads. This advertising is not about sex.

The church thinks otherwise. It’s asking the state Supreme Court to block the displays.

There should be a ruling later today.

(Thanks to Joseph for the link!)

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  • AV

    The naked human body makes Baby Jesus cry.

  • Wait, so God created us naked. The evil serpent told us to eat the apple. We ate the apple and became ashamed of our bodies. We covered our bodies. And UNCOVERING them is a sin?

    I don’t get this stuff.

    Everyone has a butt, folks. Even Jesus had a butt.

  • Richard Wade

    You walk into a church building, you have naked bodies before your eyes, how are you going to close your eyes and seek God?

    I guess the good Reverend has never been to nor seen pictures of the Sistine Chapel.

    The state Supreme Court is considering this??? What’s the case called, “Times Square Church vs. Naked Asses”?

  • Jen

    I like it. Multi-ethnic, both genders, not super skinny… these might be the least sexualized butts I have seen all year.

    I really think that if God isn’t stronger than a few of the least sexualized asses in the world, then he is hardly worth worshipping.

  • Vincent

    One thing to remember is that in New York, the “Supreme Court” is actually the lowest level trial court. What is called the district court in most other states.

  • HappyNat

    Even Jesus had a butt.

    Well that settles it, now you are just trying to go to hell.

  • …visiting their website, I have to say that they might have the best toilet seat ad campaign ever.

    “I never knew my toilet could be an oasis of comfort and happiness”

    Um, right, a bit more on topic, I would think that nude butts are one of the least rude things one could see in Manhattan.

  • Maria

    LOL, that’s tame for time’s square. you know my friend lives in Europe and they have these sort of ads there all the time, and no one makes a big deal. they’re not nearly as uptight over the human body as we are, and many of them consider us a nation of puritans…….I wonder why….(fundies!)

  • Julie Marie

    clean smiley butts. definitely not an erotic statement. whatever happened to cleanliness is next to Godliness?

    so I looked at the ad…I wonder how much the special seat costs?

  • price range varies from starting at $727 to starting at $1890.

  • Darryl

    Siamang, just for the record, there was no apple mentioned in the Genesis story; it’s the fruit of the tree of good and evil.

    Pro: yes, it’s the human body as it has been for many thousands of years–time to accept it as it is.

    Con: we here in the prudish U.S.A. get all excited when we see the naked form–can’t have the parishioners distracted on Sunday morning, especially the young ones. No Bible verse can compare to a sweet gal’s behind.

    America, gotta love it.

  • Logos

    has anyone tried one of these new toilets? Just how good are they?

  • stogoe

    So… my butt is more powerful than an Iron Chariot?

  • Julie Marie

    700-1800. thats alot of $ for a special toilet seat. you can get a baby wipe warmer for alot less than that if you can settle for slightly less than the latest in warm washing technology.

  • One of the appeals of this toilet seat is that it …in theory, should be less environmentally degrading than using toilet paper.

    So it’s sorta high-class convenience that is also somewhat environmentally conscious. Thus the rather restrictive price tag.

  • Miko

    One of the appeals of this toilet seat is that it …in theory, should be less environmentally degrading than using toilet paper.

    It’s a 700-1800+$ piece of technological equipment, produced in a manufacturing process that undoubtedly required large amounts of energy and produced large amounts of pollution. The raw materials for the circuits, etc. involved mining. If it’s like most electronics, it contains small amounts of hazardous materials and so should not be disposed of without great care.

    Paper, on the other hand, literally does grow in trees.

  • monkeymind

    Didn’t these used to be called bidets? From my backpacking in Europe days, I can rememer 1 star hotels in France where there were bidets right in the room, but the toilet was down the hall.

  • Like I said, in theory it requires less environmental degradation. 🙂

    Going into a forest or tree farm, harvesting lumber, taking the lumber back to a factory, converting the lumber into paper, assembling the paper into toilet paper rolls, plastic-wrapping those all individually, then bundling those into larger containers, and then transporting that to stores… all of this in the end creates a lot of one-time-use disposable waste.

    As opposed to the toilet seat / bidet with waterjets that instead just creates one big piece of waste in the end. That has to be plugged in to get electricity, which in and of itself requires some energy source, more likely than not in this country a non-renewable one…

    Partially related to this, I forget the title of a documentary that is either out or soon to be out in indie theatres around America which looks at the really huge ecological footprint human civilization creates. All I can remember about the trailer was the documentarian/camera crew going to see huge scars in the land where mining for all these electronic components had occurred.

    …back on topic, what was the final ruling in this derriere vs. church case?

  • Richard Wade

    “…while over at a blog called ‘Friendly Atheist’ some of the regulars are having an intense debate over what is the most environmentally sound way to keep one’s asshole clean.”

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