Can Any Computer People Help Me Out? July 6, 2007

Can Any Computer People Help Me Out?

I recently upgraded this blog to a more recent WordPress edition, and there are some problems I can’t seem to fix…

WordPress support forums are not being very helpful. If you can help me, please let me know!

Here are the problems:

1) When people post comments, they get a long error message. The post goes through, but why the message? I can send the error report to you… (***I think this one is fixed!***)

2) When you click on an individual post, the sidebar jumps to the bottom of the page (though it’s fine on the home page). (Rekounas solved the problem! Thanks to everyone for their help!)

3) I can’t get rid of the “Christian blogroll” category in the sidebar. When I try to go to Manage/Categories, it lists “Christian Blogroll” as a default category so I can’t delete it… (***This one is fixed!***)

Thanks in advance for the help.

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  • i can’t help you but that third problem there sounds suspiciously like divine retribution.

    i will brace myself for the error message as i click on submit comment

  • Sounds like the Lord in Heaven is trying to tell you something….

    I am SO kidding.

    I wish I could help though! Good luck…

  • #1 I’ll see when I post this…
    #2 is most likely the skin not being compatible with the newer version.
    #3 something was probably changed in the SQL database in the upgrade to lock that one category (maybe the software thinks that’s the default?)

  • One thing – maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling your theme? It will probably suck if you have a lot of custom stuff done…but it should reinstall any missing files that could have been overwritten or went disappearing during the changeover.

  • After reading the message it doesn’t look like your AJAX or Subscribe to Comments plugin is compatible with this newer version of WP.

    Sorry to leave a hundred comments.

  • #1 looks like a problem with the ajax comment editing (plugin?) that you have, The header()s are being called after there is output to the browser for some reason.

  • I think #1 is fixed… # 2 is the one that’s really bothering me…

  • I had a similar problem to #2 once at my WordPress blog, and it was caused by an extraneous <div> tag that wasn’t closed. Is there an extra <div> tag in your post template?

  • Whoa! The sidebar didn’t jump to the bottom until I enabled javascript for your domain and refreshed the page. I think the problem is the margin changes activated when javascript adds the buttons and activates the live preview in the comment compose area.

    I just looked at your “styles.css” and it has both #content and #sidebar set to float: left. That’s probably the crux. When I have javascript disabled, the sidebar sits on the right, so probably you mean to have the sidebar set to float: right;

  • In the sidebar.php code, I don’t see an unclosed [div] tag. At the beginning of the code, there is a [/div] that has no beginning… when I remove it, the sidebar on the main page goes to the bottom, too! Weird… 🙁

  • Hmm… the sidebar behaves correctly in Konqueror 3.57 and Opera 9.21; Firefox 2.0 does display the bad behavior you mentioned. It’s probably a bug in Firefox’s CSS layout rendering. And there is probably some workaround, but I don’t know what it is.

  • Aerik–

    I just looked at your “styles.css” and it has both #content and #sidebar set to float: left. That’s probably the crux. When I have javascript disabled, the sidebar sits on the right, so probably you mean to have the sidebar set to float: right;

    When I change the sidebar to float:right, it still stayed underneath my post (but to the right side of the post…)

    Any other suggestions?

  • The error console complains about the following:

    Error: quicktagsL10n is not defined
    Source File:
    Line: 263

    Something wrong with the quick tag that is making your style go messed for the single view page.

  • Ah, you know what? I just made a simple user style that only said “#sidebar { float: right; }” and the sidebar just moved to the right of the same column as your comment area. Which means you have #sidebar nested incorrectly.

    It looks like you have it set up so that you have the content, comments, and sidebar as 3 divs inside the screen wrapper, but you have both #sidebar and #content set to float: left.

    div#Wrapper {
    div#content (left)
    ol#comments (?)
    div#sidebar (left)

    Surely you see what’s wrong with this, right? You’ve been managing to get your sidebar on your right not because you formatted it that way, but because browsers are forgiving for bad html.

    div#Wrapper {
    > div#content (left) {
    >> ol#comments (?) }
    >div#sidebar (right)


    See that? Nest the comment list inside the content, so that the contnet (stuff you wrote) and the comments float to the left as one unit, and the sidebar to the right as another unit.

    But from what I understand about wordpress themes, you can’t access HTML directly, right? I use blogger, and I can manipulate this stuff as much as I want.

  • Tao Jones

    While I’m not very familiar with WP, it does seem like your div tags are not nested properly.

    I could be wrong but I’m assuming:

    ( div id=”content” )

    is supposed to be for the main column. In this case, it is not closed until the end, at the very bottom of the “side bar” code. the “wrapper” tag does not appear to be closed at all.

    If the problem only happens on the comments page, then I think what is happening is the /div at the beginning of sidebar.php is being borrowed by your Live Preview code, while it was supposed to close the “content” tag.
    The fix should be to add a /div tag at the bottom of the Live Preview code.

    Hope this helps.

  • Richard Wade

    Hemant, I just discovered another glitch. In a blockquoted statement, apostrophes become very weird collections of random punctuation marks. The more the page is reloaded during the 15 minute “edit” period, the worse it gets. See the blockquote in my comment in your Pray for Rain/Rain Dance posting.

  • Richard– That is odd… I fixed the quotation above. Perhaps another reader has a suggestion on how to fix that?

  • Eliza

    Did you try prayer? 😉

    Gotta ask – you guys aren’t joking about [div] being an actual command, are you? Because [/div] is just too precious (the end of divinity)…. 🙂

  • Miko

    you guys aren’t joking about [div] being an actual command, are you?

    Nope. Think div as in divider.

    Because [/div] is just too precious (the end of divinity)….

    That’s right: CSS is all an atheist plot. 🙂

  • Richard Wade

    Hemant, the apostrophe thing happened again, this time just when I added one word to my comment during the “edit” period. No block quoting was attempted. Now my first comment on the posting about the ground refuting the Creation Museum is filled with bizarro punctuation marks that my computer doesn’t even have. It’s a mess. I didn’t realize how many apostrophes I use. I’m going to try it here to see if it happens again with a phrase with an apostrophe in it:

    Hemant’s new software has problems with apostrophes. ‘

    Hmm. Didn’t happen. Weird.

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