I’m Glad I Came, Too… July 5, 2007

I’m Glad I Came, Too…

This came in the mail today:


My favorite parts of the enclosed letter:

… as a new friend of Answers in Genesis, your perspective is especially important because it’s “fresh!”

Before you came to visit, you no doubt saw what the popular media has been saying about the Creation Museum, and how almost all of the articles focused entirely on the creation vs. evolution debate.

And of course, that is a big part of the reason we built the museum, to show the world there is another way (a God-honoring way) to interpret the evidence.

But now that you’ve been here yourself, you’ve seen the true heart of the museum… It’s no accident that the tour starts with an exploration of why biblical authority is so important, and that the culmination and high point of the whole museum is the Last Adam Theater’s compelling presentation of the Gospel.

Well, the high point certainly wasn’t the science.

Then there’s the feedback form.


I can rate the museum from 1 (Dissatisfied) to 10 (Outstanding).

And I can fill in the blank:

On my visit to the Creation Museum…

They give me lots of space for that.

How should I fill it out…?

You know, for a $27,000,000 museum, you would think they could afford to pay for their own stamps if they wanted a response from me…

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  • PrimateIR

    I think you should tell the truth.

    Say that the Trip was memorable and enlightening and that you’ve written about it extensively.

  • Look our for that Jesusraptor on the envelope! Aaaahhhhh!!!!

  • Bad Jesusraptor! No pineapple!

  • Darryl

    God! Don’t they realize how remarkably silly they sound to outsiders? They must know that all of their materials intended only for fundies will sooner or later get out into the blogosphere. Have they no one to advise them? No wonder they gave up trying to talk people into heaven, and decided to go the legislative route. If they were all like this I would conclude that we have nothing to worry about.

  • Miko

    They must know that all of their materials intended only for fundies will sooner or later get out into the blogosphere.

    My guess is that they don’t care. I doubt that being mocked by atheist bloggers is really going to affect their core audience of fundamentalists.

  • However you fill it out, you should be sure to attach extra pages, even if you could say it in the space allotted. They’ll think you have something great to say, but no, you’ll be presenting all the evidence against them.

    Or just print this out:

  • I love it! Courteously tell them exactly why you visited — they should know that people aren’t just visiting because they agree with what’s presented.

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