Crazy Woman on Trading Spouses July 5, 2007

Crazy Woman on Trading Spouses

It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Christian Fundamentalist Marguerite Perrin switched homes with Pagan Jeanne D’amico-Flisher on an episode of Trading Spouses.

This is when Perrin gets back home to her family…:

Incidentally, Perrin has her own website. She calls herself the “God Warrior.” Once the site loads, listen to the song…

(via Atheist Perspective)

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  • Once the site loads, listen to the song…

    No thanks, think I’ll pass on this one 🙂

  • Miko

    Tarot cards and astrology and witch books oh my.

  • yeah i saw that when it was originally on. i remember thinking, “wow what a twisted depiction of my faith”. sorry about her because that’s not an example of what we are called to be.

  • Darryl

    Well, that’s a first for me–never seen anything quite like that. I recognized that look on the faces of her family members though. Those poor people; I can’t imagine how screwed up they are because of their nutty mother. If that’s not abuse, what is?

  • I distinctly remember my mom flipping out when I talked about aliens or something along those lines that i can’t remember. “Don’t let the devil in. Those things are demons and a gateway to evil” But it was definitely not like that tirade. I distinctly remember at 10 or 11 telling my younger brother, “Remember to watch what you say around mom or she’ll flip out”. Kind of sad that I learned early on to just avoid any meaningful discussions with certain people.

    The teenagers are much more able to handle that situation but that poor 7-year old girl, she is learning how to view reality (right/wrong, that is just one piece that is forming her views on “others”) with that woman.

  • Wow. That was scary. Did she say, “Get the hell out of my house in Jesus’ name?” I lack respect for people who can’t convey their message in a civil manner. From what I gathered though, her message wan’t one I would respect anyways. She shows very little toleration for opposing view points.

  • Logos

    That lady seemed prety DARKSIDED herself!!!

  • Maria

    that women is insane! scared me! Is this joke, or are there really a lot of people like this in the bible belt, or did they just get her to get ratings? I’ve never met one quite this crazy! You know what amazes me? Many skeptics put things like “astrology” and “tarot cards” in the same camp as religion, yet many religions view it as “dark stuff” or “ungodly stuff”. I’ve always found that ironic.

  • Logos

    Yes there are quite a few people like that in the bible belt, but most are a bit less loud than her.

    Skeptics tend to think that tarot cards and astrology are not backed up by factual evidence while many Christians see them as coming from Lucifer.

  • OK seriously. Those kids need to be taken away. That’s an unhealthy environment.

    I think she might be certifiably insane.

    Plus… “dark sided?” Who knew that Christians were Jedi anyway?

  • Karen

    I saw the original episode when it first aired a couple years ago, and she really did not come across as a good mother – even leaving out the insane ranting and raving. Her second daughter, particularly, seemed to be ignored and put down by her all the time.

    The girl totally blossomed when the pagan woman gave her some time and attention, but of course anything good from that family was totally negated by the fact that their superstitions were the “dark” ones.

    The whole thing was terribly sad, frankly.

  • Jonas G

    So the Christians and the Pagans sat together at the alter
    to grow the nielsons greater and greater.

    Where do ratings come from ?
    I think ratings in the earning,
    cause when Christians sit with Pagans
    a Jerry Springer’s in the making.

    — 1000 apologies to Dar Williams.

  • Darryl

    From what I can tell from the video this woman has committed two of the seven deadly sins, and probably a few of the remaining five.

  • Maria

    From what I can tell from the video this woman has committed two of the seven deadly sins, and probably a few of the remaining five.

    Good point

  • Crystal,
    I think you’re right… she’s not like the majority of Christians I know. But, I do know a few who might react like that if they were exposed to nonbelievers and shocked out of their environment.

    A certain family member of mine still reminds me that “such and such isn’t a Christian” rather pointedly, implying they’re bad company, even knowing that I am no longer a Christian either. Oh well.

    You know.. the music really helps too.

  • Lil Jase

    The love of Jesus flows through that woman… love meaning flipping out and littering in your own yard… lol

  • Tammy

    I’ve never commented on this site, but I’ve been checking it out for a while for the invaluable content and links to other sites. My sister and I were left alone (a lot) with a family member who behaved in the exact same manner as this woman in front of us, so the silly shrieking and uninformed rants are famliar to me. Over time I came to realize that this person was ignorant and horrified, and someone to be pitied rather than feared. In general, I can wish everyone well, but looking at her family’s faces sure took me back to a place I’d rather not go. Sadly, my own kids were sitting here with me when I clicked the play button, but the good news is they thought it was hilarious. They’d never seen a grownup behave this way and assumed she was goofing around. God bless the little dears;)

  • Wow, thanks Hemant. Now I’m going to have nightmares for weeks. The spooky synthesizer pedal tones were perfect. Involuntary civil commitment, anybody?

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