Take This Survey! July 2, 2007

Take This Survey!

But only if you’re a paid Christian Pastor/staff member/employee.

Or you’re the spouse of any of those people.

Or if you’ve ever volunteered in a church.

Clearly, everyone who reads this blog falls into one of those categories…

Ok, just kidding. Atheists, skip to the next post.

The confidential surveys are for the purpose of a book being written by Anne Jackson. It’s about “ministry burnout.”

That almost sounds like being a second semester senior in high school. You still have to go through the motions, but mentally, you’ve checked out.

Apparently, in church, this is a bad thing 🙂

The book doesn’t have a publisher yet, but with a prototype cover and title like this, how could anyone resist?


So, if the subject of Mad Church Disease pertains to you or someone you know, help Anne out and get the right people to fill out the appropriate survey.

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  • Hehe, “Mad church disease”… got to like that one!

  • Thank you so much for the link. Ministry burnout freaking sucks (yeah, I am using my “Christian” swear words there…ha!) 🙂 And honestly I would not be surprised is there are atheists who once were active in the Christian faith at some point and got so crapped on by the church that they left. I left for a while too, but my own journey brought me back.

    Anyway, I really do appreciate the link, and your blog!

    Take care –
    anne 🙂

  • Huw

    LOL! I clicked through because I was a former staff member: nearly ten years, even, resulting in a total burn out, a few visits to a therapist, etc.

    As they were written, none of the questions at the top had anything to do with me because (a) I’m gay; (b) more liberal denominations do not seem to fit the categories offered. The questions as worded seem to assume I’m a heterosexual evangelical;

    I was half way down before I stopped checking “N/A” (or equivalent – “not married”).

  • Huw –

    You’re right. Trust me, there are about 50 things on the survey I wish I could change (it was written about a month ago, but my database guy needed some time to make the surveys).

    However if you will patiently wade through my narrowly asked questions, there are a couple of “tell us whatever” spaces at the end where i would love nothing more than to hear your story – where you came from , what happened…that kind of stuff. I really would love to hear it and apologize if I made the survey too difficult to take for anyone outside my bubble.

    Thanks for at least trying,

  • Huw

    Anne – Done. And thanks very much for your hospitality! I don’t know if any of my answers will make sense in the context of the survey, but good luck with the project!

  • Huw –
    Thank YOU for taking the survey. I totally should have paid more attention in statistics & research classes…and appreciate your patience 🙂


  • Is it me or does that cover look like a pack of cigarrettes?


  • You are correct sir And one of only few to notice….! 🙂

  • I volunteered in the church soundroom for a number of years; maybe I’ll check that third survey out.

  • hey there. i appreciate you posting about my friend anne’s book project. as a Christian i actually love your blog and the honesty and candor in which you write. i’ve been lurking for some time but have never commented untl now. bad i know. but i will be back and hopefully engage more fully in what is happening around here. 🙂 – Crystal

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