Pancho’s Mexican Buffet Follow-Up July 2, 2007

Pancho’s Mexican Buffet Follow-Up

Last week, I wrote about a friend who had visited Pancho’s Mexican Buffet. They offered discounts to people who brought in church bulletins and it seemed like atheists were being given the shaft.

Zachary visited that same restaurant Sunday. (He has pictures, too!)

But he, unlike my friend, came armed with a “church bulletin” courtesy of the North Texas Church of Freethought. Would that be accepted…?

As I drove west towards Euless, a dark, towering thundercloud loomed large on the horizon. Flashes of lightning crackled occasionally along the storm line, as if thrown by Yahweh himself, riding his seraph-driven cloud chariot to stop me from besmirching a holy discount offer with my profane “church” bulletin.

Outside the amusing, elegant prose, Zachary tells us this:

After placing my order, I proceeded straight to the cash register. As the girl rung me up, I casually mentioned, “Oh yes, and I brought my bulletin with me,” and handed it to her. She glanced it over briefly, then set it down and punched in the discount. As I mentioned, the buffet is inexpensive, so the discount was less than a dollar, but it still felt good. When the receipt printed out, she stapled the bulletin to it and dropped it in a box, presumably for the manager to count later to assess the success of the promotion.

So thankfully, there’s no discrimination against atheists. But if you don’t have a bulletin of some sort, you’re still paying full price. (Either that, or the cash register girl made a $1 mistake.)

I should clarify one thing about Zachary’s post: The “Muchas Gracias! Vaya con Dios” wasn’t considered offensive or discriminatory to anyone (including me). It just didn’t help when there already appeared to be an implication that atheists were not welcome there.

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  • Vincent

    This does not prove there’s no discrimination against atheists, merely that the cashier did not discriminate.
    It would be interesting if he were to go back, or others were to take the same bulletin. Management could say “don’t accept more of these. They aren’t from a real church”.
    Probably not though.
    He’s probably just collecting the bulletins to get a better idea whose bulletin he would do best to advertise in.

  • Dave

    “Church of Freethought” might not get noticed by management. It would be more interesting if people started trying to use some kind of “Church of Atheism” bulletin, or something else that is more boldly nontheistic. Then we would really see whether managment is being fair to nonbelievers.

  • Those are interesting ideas, but it was not my intention to plumb the depths of discrimination, only to see if it was possible for a non-Christian to receive the same discount. As the Church of Freethought is a legitimate organization, and I am a legitimate atheist, it seemed like an excellent test case. Remember, the advertisement didn’t say anything about bringing in Christian church bulletins, just church bulletins. I honestly don’t think they care about your beliefs as much as they care about bringing in as many people as possible on a Sunday. And I’m certainly not going to try made-up and intentionally offensive bulletins until I end up getting refused – it’s just a mediocre buffet that’s out of my way, not the Montgomery public transit system.

  • What about those who don’t go to any church? They still told the original atheist who asked that there would be no way to get a discount for him.

    While it is great that the NTCOF is an option, not every atheist chooses to go there.

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