Video Fun July 1, 2007

It’s random. But it’s awesome.

Just follow the instructions in the video:

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"It would have been more convincing if he used then rather than than."

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  • Darryl

    Two comments:

    1. Thank god there’s physical evidence to consider in most criminal cases and not just eye-witness testimony.

    2. This is one good argument for the use of video surveillance in public spaces.

  • OK, I caught the gorilla the first time as he was leaving and it screwed up my pass count total because I took my eyes off the ball.

    To be fair though, the gorilla is completely black and thus looks very similar to three of the participants, so I can see how a lot of people missed it.

  • I saw the gorilla the first time. I admit I didn’t see it immediately, but I definitely saw it when it stood in the middle. I can see how some people might not notice it though.

  • Kate

    Ah the days of Cog Psy…takes me back!!!

    Love this clip 🙂

  • My mom was just telling me about a video like this that they had to watch in her class she’s taking this summer. She missed the gorilla, of course. I saw it.

  • I have to say that the two takes through the video that I was too busy watching the number of passes to notice the gorilla.

    …I guess now I will never know how many passes there were.

  • Richard Wade

    There seems to be one more manipulation in this experiment that nobody has yet commented on: Despite their promise to tell us how many passes there were, the video ends before they tell us. I say it was 15.

  • I agree Richard. I counted 15. But I never seen the gorilla.

  • Karen

    I got 15 also – but I missed the damn gorilla! 🙂

  • Vincent

    If you liked this, you’ll like this video too:

    Oh, and I also counted 15 and didn’t notice the gorilla.
    But then again, I didn’t notice the gender of the players in black either. It was not part of my task.

  • Someone Unimportant

    I saw the gorilla the first time. I thought they put it in there to cause confusion, because I was looking at him and going, “What the hell?” 🙂

  • JohnS

    I got 16 passes; towards the end I think I saw a very fast pass. Most of the passes are very slow and this one quick pass can throw someone off; it happens (I think) when one of the boys and the girl are lined up with the camera.

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