Why Do Churches Provide Us with Fodder? June 30, 2007

Why Do Churches Provide Us with Fodder?


If you take it one way, it’s hilarious.

If you take it the other way, you’re going to have clown nightmares for months…

(via Balance and Paradox)

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  • Maria

    Thank you Hemant. That’s the best laugh I’ve had since Kirk Cameron’s “drawings” on the nightline debate……..

  • Photoshop.

    They didn’t match the black levels. The words “Clown led” are darker than the rest of the text.

  • Damn… I wish I had that good of an eye for photoshopping. Just the words make it kinda obvious, though.

  • But just imagine it…clowns leading worship…I mean, who could ask for anything more? Regardless of the photoshop incident, this is cringingly good imagery. Nice post!

  • I wish I had that good of an eye for photoshopping

    It’s how I make my living.

  • But just imagine it…clowns leading worship…I mean, who could ask for anything more?

    Actually a local church near us has a clown ministry. They do local kids clubs, parents nights out, teach clowning classes, etc. I’m sure they probably occasionally perform in the main service too.

  • Kat

    Evidently this is from August of 2006. Couldn’t resist – did some Googling and found the following:


    That blog links to the Advent Lutheran Church calendar of events main page so it’s showing the current calendar but that post was written in 2006.

    Here’s another site that talks about clown ministry:


    I can honestly say I’ve learned something new today. Maybe not useful, but new.

  • kelsey & kamyren

    first off none of you have been to the service it is peacful and brings god to a level higher then you all can explain dont judge a book by its cover? i happen to be a member of this church and was there today i thought that it was the most marvelous thing you may laugh you may cry but please dont be a bitch because i bet you’ve never been here
    thank you

    and it is also not photo shop it is real!

  • Terri

    Thank you, Kelsey and Kamyren, for standing up for our church!

    Advent Lutheran has been my church home for 6 years, and I have attended EVERY clown service we’ve had. Don’t bash it till you’ve been there. It is without a doubt one of the most touching services we have all year. Traditional services sing songs that have been sung for centuries… What’s wrong with worshipping in today’s language? I certainly don’t say “thee” and “thou” on a regular basis. I speak from my heart, and I would give Jesus nothing less that that. Clown-led worship is led from the heart with a spirit of happiness… If happiness in church is blasphemy, then may I be struck where I stand!

  • kamyren 2

    Fellow viewers:

    Terri i must say i completely agree with my statement and yours but i have to say some of what i said earlier was a mistake and i know christ would not do it if he had been here to witness this. We are people and we should not do the ‘childish’ thing even if it looks tempting to do. So whatever hapened to dont judge a book by it’s cover? Also some of you may not even be close to the church so whos to say that you have had the experience? Please do the thing that you know christ would do and accept that this church does this to entertain to teach and to just have fun! So excuse me of my earlier comment it was not right and rude and you all did not deserve it. As a member of this church i stand tall and proud of what we do!
    Thank you for our time

    ? Kamyren

    P.S again it is not photo shop ?

  • kamyren 2

    again i am truely sorry for the earlier comment. if jesus can accept me im sure you can 🙂

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