Rock Against Religion June 27, 2007

Rock Against Religion

A band called Architecture Of Aggression is putting together a concert in South Africa called the 777 “Rock Against Religion” show. It will feature seven of the country’s “most outspoken rock and metal” acts performing on July 7.

Brothers Anton and Van Alberts and William Bishop say the concert would be a “a peaceful protest against the injustices caused in the name of religion against people of different faiths or the non-religious”.

Anton also adds this:

“Religion has been part of humanity since the beginning. It has also been responsible for some of the bloodiest battles in history.

Whether it has been in the name of Ramses, Yaweh, Aries, Allah or Christ, the human rights abuses and all the other acts remain unforgivable and unforgettable.”

Excerpts from a released statement the band put out are found in this article:

“religion served a purpose to our distant ancestors in many different, subtle and even useful manners”.

“It helped explain ‘mysteries’ such us the seasonal cycles, creation and where storms come from.

“It also stimulated the imaginations of early humans with stories of great gods and miracles.

“It also served as a useful tool in early civilisations and among nomad tribes, where circumcision could prevent disease in the male population, where eating the wrong animals could lead to infection by parasites and worse. But we have no more need for these controls,” it read.

Humanity now had intelligent ideas and understanding of how the universe functioned and possibly how it came into being as well, the statement said. “There is no need for religious dogmatism in our modern, educated, reasoning society any more.

“It is not only redundant but extremely limiting to us as a species. There will always be a place for it, as there will always be a place for the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny,” it said.

The band adds this:

The band said: “If we see someone wearing a ‘I love Jesus’ shirt we leave them alone, that’s their thing.

We also get a comment from a religious figure in one article, showing us just how religion can warp someone’s mind:

Dr Isak Burger, president of the Apostolic Faith Mission, said these groups’ arguments were unfounded and foolish.

“I believe the movement is demonic and inspired by Satan, but that Christians don’t have to feel threatened, because God is stronger than Satan.”

Of course, if Christians shouldn’t feel threatened, Burger needs to to tell that to the angry Christians posting on the band’s website.

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  • Maria

    The band said: “If we see someone wearing a ‘I love Jesus’ shirt we leave them alone, that’s their thing.

    That’s cool. Most of my liberal religious friends wouldn’t have a problem with this, b/c the band appears to recognize a person’s right to spirituality. As for organized religion, there really is no way around the injustices it has caused. It’s true.

  • Good for them. I wish Christians could make more intelligent arguments other than “it’s SATAN!”

  • Good for them. I wish Christians could make more intelligent arguments other than “it’s SATAN!”

  • Devil Ears

    Honestly, I’m just going for the cold beer and the heavy metal.

  • Hey there thanks for running the link, much appreciated. pardon the typos and other fuck ups, slightly inebriated! hehheh. S.A is still such a conservative/religious country that our show actually makes an impact. in a perfect world no one would care about this show, and we wouldn’t have to do it in the 1st place. but as modern artistic non believers we feel it absolutely necessary to do this show. hopefully one day it will become an international standard. good to see there are intelligent and savvy non believers out there. god bless you! ;-]

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