eHarmony Humor June 24, 2007

eHarmony Humor

I wrote about eHarmony last week and how one reporter suspected the site found no matches for him because he was not religious.

I filled out the personality profile myself after posting that to see if any matches came up for me. And a few did show up, but none that interested me (and strangely, most of them were religious despite my insistence otherwise when I filled out the form).

Anyway, I still get emails from eHarmony telling me about new matches and I just delete them.

But today, eHarmony sent me a subtle message… the site wanted to know why I hadn’t become a paying member. Was something holding me back? Was I uncomfortable about the results?

The subject line of the email read:

{eHarmony} Are You a Skeptic?

Wow. They know me well 🙂

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  • Lee

    This makes me so happy that I am married… I can’t imagine what dating is like for those of us without gods.

  • That so sounds like spam. Was it asking if you’re skeptical about the online dating experience, or what?

  • It was definitely not spam. It was from eHarmony. And yes, they were asking if I was skeptical about online dating (through their site). But the other meaning is much better… 🙂

  • Mriana

    I tried their little test once and their description of me was way off. So, I didn’t sign up for even their free deal. I’m a homebody, always have been a homebody even as a teenager, yet it said I was a socialite? Huh? 😕 That made no sense. How can one be a socialite if they prefer to be a homebody? Sure, I enjoy a nice party with close friends, dinner or a good movie with close friends or family, but that doesn’t make me a socialite. I think their test is wacked.

  • Once when very bored I took their test and signed on for the free trial. Apparently the 29 (or however many) points of compatibility they claim to match must be programmed to convert us nasty atheist heathens by matching us with deeply religious Christians who will convert and save our poor damned souls.


  • Angela

    I was matched with HUNDREDS of atheists on eHarmony. I had a great time! It gave me so much confidence that there were many others out there who didn’t buy into religion.

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