Join the Blogroll! June 19, 2007

Join the Blogroll!

***UPDATE 2: The Blogroll should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience!***

***UPDATE: Yes, there’s a problem with the blogroll page (it only goes through the letter H). I’ll fix this as soon as I can. In the meantime, feel free to continue commenting with your links. Sorry for the confusion!***

I’m taking a break for a few days, so postings will be minimal. Be good while I’m gone!

And in the meantime, you can join the blogroll!

(Yes, I’m completely stealing this idea, along with the rules, from PZ)

Here’s how this works:

  • If your blog has an atheist or scientific bent (and it’s interesting), I want to know about it! Christians blogs can join the fray as well 🙂
  • Please make sure you have an RSS feed so I can read your posts through my Blog Reader! If that sentence made no sense to you, go here. As you can see from the nifty orange icons on the left of the current blogroll, cool people have RSS feeds.
  • Check the current blogroll and make sure you’re not already on it! Because if you are, it means I already read your posts. While you’re at it, go read the other wonderful sites already on the list.
  • If everything above checks out, let me know about your website by leaving a comment! You can write the URL of your website out or just link to it. And it’d be helpful if you gave us all a short summary of it.

Link reciprocation is appreciated, but not necessary.

We’ll try this out and see how it goes.

If you haven’t posted a comment before, you may have to wait for my approval for your comment to appear on the site. I’ll get to it as soon as I can!

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  • Take a look at mine – not technically atheist (more agnostic), but it hopefully has some interesting posts for you! (I’ve linked to a few of yours before). It’s a collection of my ideas about other things currently going on in the atheist/religious blogosphere, and some of my own thoughts about the path that lead me to my current ideas.

  • can i play?

  • The blogroll only seems to go to H and I couldn’t find a way to get to a second page if there is one. Anyway, I would like to be added if I’m not already on your list. Here is my RSS feed: Secular Planet RSS feed.

    Thank you, Hemant!

  • Please add:

    Agnostic Atheism –

    We cannot prove there isn’t a God but we do know that the God of Judaism, Christianity, & Islam is based on the perceptions and myths of a nomadic ancient Middle Eastern tribe and should be viewed critically – as should the holy books of these religions. This blog attempts to critically, but respectfully, address issues with religious ideologies, especially Christianity, while introducing our readers to atheism. If you are a deconverted or skeptical Christian, you may find these discussions interesting.

  • Mo
  • I’m here, although I haven’t posted much yet, my blog is new 🙂

  • Hi! I just started a blog. At first I just meant to post reports from the NYC Atheists promotion table we set up on Saturdays here in the city, but I have been posting some other musings as well. Here’s the link:

  • Your blogroll seems to contain only blogs that start with the letters A-H. Talk about unfair discrimination! 😉

    Anyway, check my blog out. You might like it.

  • AV

    Another agnostic atheist here. Unlike AgnosticAtheist’s blog, mine is not always so friendly to the religious, though in the main I target fundamentalists (of whatever religious stripe, but mainly Christian). I am concerned at the decline of secularism and reason in the West at the hands of (predominantly) religious conservatives, and see this as a major threat to liberal democracy.

    My blog is located at


  • Gratuitous Common Sense has a slight atheist/scientific bent, but just barely, as noted in the summary…

    To explain the unknown by the known is a logical procedure; to explain the known by the unknown is a form of theological lunacy.

    As for the 3rd bullet point, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why I am not already on your blogroll. 😉

  • Cool. You already know my URL.

  • OK, I can join the fray!

  • I’ve recently started a blog about Atheism and my own personal views on things, it has a slight military undertone since I am in the military but it mostly deals with Atheism and societal issues. Thanks in advance!

  • Okay, I got my feedburner setup. You should be able to add me now:

  • In Hemant’s absence, of course a plug for the Ebay Atheist blog would be in order!

  • I would like to shamelessly plug my atheist/science blog, generally I only touch on politics when the 2 previous intersect but sometimes I can’t help myself.

    By the way, if there are any good atheists looking to contribute to a blog but don’t want all the headache of maintaining your own blog drop me a line. Email is below if you can decipher it otherwise just drop a comment on any post on my blog and I’ll get back with you (skeptigator [at the] I’ve been kicking around a skepchick-style multiple contributor blog

    rss 2.0:

  • Joe

    You’ve been in my blogroll for a while.

  • Synapostasy: I study science (primarily biology), my friend Ben studies religion, and together we blog about atheism.

    Latter half of the alphabet, represent. 😉

  • I’m at Some of it’s personal stuff, but I do science and myth-debunking often.

  • If you have room, I’d love to be added. =)
    I mainly review and summarize articles and postings related to religion and skepticism, with occasional posts about who knows–such as reviews of beers and movies.

  • I tend to post things related to politcs, science, or debunking different ideas about christianity/religion in general at my blog, sudo life. To top it off, I’ve already been linking to you for quite some time!

  • Would love to exchange links with you and have you RSS any of my articles.

    The RSS feed is:


  • The purpose of my blog is to promote the world-view known as naturalism – metaphysical naturalism, to be specific – and I analyze current events and various commentary and opinion pieces from both sides of the debate: secular and religious. I am an atheist, secular humanist, freethinker, etc., so many of my posts deal with atheism vs. theism, in particular Christianity as I am an American, and Christianity, especially of the fundamentalist bent, is so pervasive in our culture.

    I look forward to being added to your blogroll! I already have your site in my Bloglines account, but I’ll put you on my site as well!


  • Okay, I’ll jump in.

    The Right Side of the Boat

    Is it just me, or does the current blogroll stop at H?

  • I’m in the blogroll, but just to explain it a little for the commentors and readers here, it tends to be atheist/Humanist from a parenting perspective (I also blog about politics a little). I haven’t been up and running for very long, but you’re all welcome to stop by.
    anecdotes and confessions

  • How amount another “Christian” site:



  • My blog is dedicated to evolution and hoping that one day, creationism and Intelligent-Design will vanish forever. Also it is anti-religious fundamentalism and yes, I am a proud atheist!

  • Also, as far as science blogs go, you might be interested in Scientists United for the Global Advancement of Awesomeness (to which I also contribute).

  • I guess you could add me under “Other” or “Atheist”. I do webcomics (often with a pro-science, anti-creationist/republican/idiot bent) and have a blog focused heavily on atheistic issues.

  • In The Name Of Towelie!

    A funny blog made by ex-Muslims – atheists/agnostics. It offers philosophical critiques along with mostly humor.


  • bk

    Feel free to check out The New Atheist, which can be a little snarky, but hopefully fun and sometimes informative.


  • Ben

    I am arguably all over the map, moving from religion from a non-theist bend to science to – um – hamsters all in swell foop!

    But if you’re interested

    Eclectics Anonymous

  • See Comment #5.

  • Hemant–I’d love for you to add my blog to your blogroll. You’ve been on mine for a while now.

    Are you planning to come to Off the Map’s hear listen connect conference in november in seattle? I’d love to meet you sometime



  • blackskeptic

    So … I just started a new blog.

    I found out about you through point of inquiry AND my freedom from religion newspaper (was it Iceland that you went to?) I love reading your blog and hopefully mine will become one that you’ll love also 🙂

  • Here’s mine!

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