Saturday Night Book Signing June 15, 2007

Saturday Night Book Signing

If you’re within a 823,432 mile radius of Orland Park, IL, then consider coming to an I Sold My Soul on eBay book signing/discussion/hoedown Saturday evening!

The event will take place at the Barnes & Noble starting at 7:00 p.m.

The building is two floors, and apparently, this reading will occur in the space in front of the escalator. Good times 🙂

Hopefully, the questions asked will be better than a “question” I had at the most recent book signing, when a woman raised her hand, said that Darwin had become a Christian at the end of his life (that’s a lie), and then left the building.

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  • Kate

    If you came to North Carolina I’d definitely come to a book signing! And then I’d buy an extra book to throw at any morons who asked “questions” like that. I think that woman skipped the third grade English lesson when the difference between questions and statements was explained.

    Also, come to NC!!! You’d double the atheist population when you visit! 🙂

  • Mriana

    Are you managing transportation for us to make that 823,432 mile jaunt? 😆 Just kidding, but if you ever come down here, I’d be glad to attend. I’m sure this one will be good. Have fun.

  • I thought Darwin was a nominal Christian throughout his whole life?

  • Logos

    That is what I always heard!

  • Miko

    I don’t know too much about him, but according to wiki, Darwin was: “Church of England, though Unitarian family background, Agnostic after 1851.”

  • Jen

    I was there. That crazy lady was awesome. Hermant asked her, “Let me ask you, what does it change if he was?” and she started babbling about how scientists are afraid to admit they are religious because the other scientists will make fun of them on the playground, or something. I was waiting for her to declare him to be a heathen and start praying in tongues.

    There is a new Darwin exhibit at the Field Museum, which I read about in the Trib. One of the personal artifacts they are showing of his is a Bible. This article suggests the evidence he saw for evolution caused his religious doubt to grow, and that his wife feared he would roast. I can’t find the article that talked about his Bible, though. Looks like a fun exhibit, though.

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