James Dobson + Animation = Hilarity June 15, 2007

James Dobson + Animation = Hilarity

Salon posted an animated video that is similar to The Word segment on The Colbert Report:

Scott Bateman’s latest helps decode this very special speech given by one John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, which was broadcast on conservative powerbroker/Focus on the Family founder James Dobson’s very influential radio show.

This was the interview where MacArthur said:

“You know a society has been abandoned by God when it celebrates lesbian sex.”

This video is funny (and has a point). The words move fast. Stay with it!

Media Matters adds this nugget about MacArthur:

MacArthur and his Grace Community Church were sued for clergy malpractice in 1985 by Walter and Maria Nally after their son, a church member, killed himself. Kenneth Nally was 24 when he committed suicide in 1979. According to the Nallys’ lawsuit, MacArthur discouraged their son from seeking outside help and worsened his suicidal tendencies by telling him his depression was the product of sinful behavior. Though the lawsuit was ultimately thrown out of court, MacArthur pledged to reform his counselor training programs.

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  • Karen

    Geeeeeezzzzzus! these people are so obsessed with SEX! Will they just get over it already? We reproduce, we lust, we’re sexually motivated to a large extent. We have to be in order to ensure our survival as a species. If we all lost interest, like they seem to think we should, we’d die out like the Shakers.

    Why can’t we just accept this biological fact and move on – what is the big deal? I really think they are just as obsessed as everyone else, and that’s why they keep talking about it. And talking about it. Ad nauseum. They get their kicks saying things like “LesbianSex” on the radio. Oooh, they are SO naughty! 😉

  • For people who are so ashamed of and turned off by sex they sure do like to talk about it a lot.

  • Richard Wade

    Dobson sounds kind of like he’s disappointed that he missed out on all the fun of the “sexual revolution.” Sour grapes, Jim.

    Grace Community Church is known locally as the church that ate the San Fernando Valley. It’s huge. Not quite recent Midwestern megachurch status but don’t try to drive by on Sunday morning. Thousands of people block traffic. MacArthur won’t hire married women for his staff. They’re supposed to be home obeying their husbands. Two of the congregation worked in the small company where I worked, always talking with each other about Christ loud enough so everybody could hear. One was nice enough, although talking with him was like putting four tablespoons of sugar into my mouth all at once. The other openly envied the Nazis because of their certainty about what they were doing. I’m not kidding. I reeeeally disliked that guy.

  • Siamang


    You live here in the valley?

    Me too.

    Yeah, I guess that’s kinda off-topic.

  • scatological wrath???


  • Liberal Christian Person

    “America: a Christian Nation” Yeah, of course it’s a big lie but I don’t know anyone (in intellectual circles, at least) that likes to talk about it, unless for a good laugh.

  • Richard Wade

    Siamang, email Hemant.

  • Maria

    For people who are so ashamed of and turned off by sex they sure do like to talk about it a lot.

    LOL, I know

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