Newt Gingrich’s Birthday is Coming! June 14, 2007

Newt Gingrich’s Birthday is Coming!

Right, I know. Who cares. But I did enjoy this email from the Secular Coalition for America.

On Sunday, June 17th, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich will celebrate his 64th birthday. This is the man who claims that “our inalienable rights come from God,” who lambastes the courts for not following “the culture of 91 percent of America,” and who prepared the “Walking Tour of God in Washington, D.C.”

June 17th is also the 49th birthday of Lori Lipman Brown, Director of the Secular Coalition for America, who says, “Regardless of whether or not you belong to a majority religion, in the United States you may not impose your theology on civil law.” This is the woman who serves as the first Congressional lobbyist explicitly representing nontheistic Americans and their allies.

Please support the Secular Coalition for America’s efforts with a birthday gift. If you’d like to donate in “honor” of Mr. Gingrich, feel free to give an amount containing the numbers 6 and 4 ($64, $640, $4,600!). Click here to donate in Newt Gingrich’s honor

If it’s Lori you’d rather celebrate, feel free to make a donation including the numbers 4 and 9 ($49, $94, $940, $4,900, $9,400!). Click here to donate in Lori’s honor

You better choose wisely.

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  • Darryl

    Gingrich is a fat bastard, and such a damn hypocrite. He began the systematic poisoning of our national politics; he planned and arranged it; and now he’s got the gall and stupidity to try to convince us that things have gone too far, and that he’s got a better idea. The guy books himself as an idea man–he’s a fool. He’s also a moral midget. No wonder our country is so screwed up now–this degenerate was the Speaker of the House! When someone of such low character can achieve that kind of power, it should be an indicator of just how messed up we are.

  • What if someone donates $4?

  • Steelman

    “What if someone donates $4? ”

    That makes you a centrist agnostic. 🙂

  • Mriana

    Gangreen: Nah, if I could afford it, I’d send in $49, but I’ve contributed to so many things lately that I need to catch up. 🙁

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