Michael Shermer at TED June 9, 2007

Michael Shermer at TED

Download and watch this (*.mov) tomorrow while you eat some food.

It’s a talk that Michael Shermer gave at a recent TED conference.

It’s under 15 minutes long, it’s funny, and it explains why deluded people are prone to see miracles/visions/etc. when there are perfectly rational explanations for them.

And the best part is saved for last. The bit about Katie Melua is priceless (even if you haven’t heard her music, you’ll enjoy it). Hell, just start watching at the 11:40 mark.

(via Atheist Perspective)

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  • Louisa

    Hey fantastic video! Your site is great, I’m from UK and discovered it after reading it mentioned in a UK newspaper article. I discovered some great comic youtube clips like George Carlin on religion here as well so thanks for all the entertainment! I am going to bookmark your site! Louisa

  • Great video. Got the link to your site from another atheist blogger. I bookmarked you

  • James

    I discovered it a few months ago, there are some good speeches from Dawkins and Martin Rees. Unfortunately the Dan Dennett ones are not so good. Check out the Dan Gilbert one on happiness, and probably my all time favourite speech, How Schools Kill Creativity by Sir Ken Robinson.

  • Aj

    I’ve been watching TED clips since the site started posting them, I’ve got through nearly all of them. Shermer’s lecture is one of the best, after Dennett’s (on evolution and memes), Dawkin’s (the universe is stranger than we suppose), and Wilson’s (Encyclopedia of Life). It’s where I discovered and became a fan of Katie’s music. If you have the time, run through the TED videos, there’s lots of gems in them, from a vast range of subjects.

  • That was so cool! I love to hear him speak.

  • That was AWESOME.

  • Tina B.

    Very interesting video, I loved it. I will be looking up more.

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