You Know You’re An Atheist When… (PDF) June 8, 2007

You Know You’re An Atheist When… (PDF)

People had such great contributions to the “You know you’re an atheist when…” posting, that I collected a few of my favorite responses, edited them up a bit, and created a one-page PDF of the goods.

You can download that PDF here.

Print it, distribute it, hang it on your wall!

Hope you enjoy it.

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  • “”God” is something you say on your back instead of on your knees.”

    Hemant, with a little creativity you can correct this.

  • I liked the one about you freak out about what to say when someone sneezes. I just say “excuse you” now.

  • Darryl

    Whenever politicians in a Presidential debate are asked who their heroes are, or who they most admire, or who inspired them, or who is the philosopher they most admire, I hold my breath, and wait for it . . . I wait for that one idiot or lying asshole to say it, and when it comes–as it always does–I cringe. That’s a sure sign.

    John Edwards was asked something like that in one of the debates and he was lost for words for what seemed like an eternity. Commentators later discussed that moment and were surprised that he didn’t pull out the Jesus card (it seemed like an obvious choice to them). I would love to know what was running through his mind. Had he decided beforehand that if that question were asked he would not be cheap and say what Bush famously said about Jesus–“because he changed my heart?” I could not believe he hadn’t thought about the answer to that question. Had he only made up his mind about what he would not say, but not what he would? Was he caught off guard? How can any politician in this country not have a stock answer for that stupid question?

  • I’m not sure I get the ‘ramen noodle’ one… Is this a reference to FSM?

  • Mikel– You got it! FSM reference 🙂

  • JustJoe

    You know more about something you don’t believe in than most people who do believe in it…Thank you. I want to put on a t-shirt. Then wear the Hell out of it.

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