Atheist Hip Hop June 6, 2007

Atheist Hip Hop

Greydon Square’s new album, The Compton Effect, is out! You know you want it!

He’s a fantastic rapper whose lyrics have an atheist bent to them.

For example, from Pandora’s Box:

Don’t hate me cause im atheist…
Hate me cause I tell the truth which by default makes me atheist
You’ve been spoon fed belief and you don’t even see it
You just absorbed the religion that’s native to your region
You can’t believe it so you won’t believe it
Because the church has taught you that faith belongs in the place of reason

Read more about him here and here.

(Thanks to TXatheist for the heads up)

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  • Mriana

    I like it! I wonder if I could turn my younger son onto this and get him off that cursing, drug and gang glorifying, multiple sex partners, women beating crap he listens to?

  • Cigar Mann

    Why is it that athiest assume believers are “spoon fed” something? Or they assume they know the truth and others dont? It is time for Christians, Muslims or anyone else that has some type of faith to set the record straight with people that try to tell us what WE believe and why be believe it.

    If you dont believe and chose to be an athiest, cool! But dont assume that you know something that someone else doesnt. I believe in the beginning God created ……. You believe, in the beginning there was nothing, and something was created out of it. Whatever floats your boat.

    We are all going to die and if I subscribe to other beliefs, then when I die, I will not exsist, or come may back as another person, a tree, plant, insect or whatever. But if the Bible is right, and others are wrong, I am going to Heaven, and well, everyone else…..! Thats not a chance I want to take. That’s what I believe.

    If being an athiest makes you a better person, then bless you. But if you feel the right and the need to judge people for their beliefs, then you are no better than the religious fanatic that think they are more important in Gods eyes than anyone else. And thats not biblical! My God hates sin, but loves his children.

    The great commission and commandment from Jesus was to love God with all of your heart, and love your brother as you love your self. Thats true Christianity. And if more people would love each other as we love ourselves, then the world would be a better place. But maybe, just maybe, we dont love ourselves because we feel as if we have no purpose, and no self worth. Hmmmm, that will preach 🙂

    We will ALL know the truth one day, because we are ALL going to die. And we will be dead a lot longer than we will be alive on this earth. Eternity is too long to be wrong.

    God bless the believers and athiest of the world.

    Cigar Mann

    PS – I challenge any “athiest” to study the bible and still be an athiest afterwards – note I said study! It will take you a while, 5 years minimum! But after the first year, your life will be changed forever. You may not become a believer, but your life will change.

    And if you do take me up on my challenge, get a Bible you can read and understand, and do it independently. You dont need a group or a board of men dictating to you what the bible means. It speaks for itself.

  • Mriana

    Bible Challenge? Oh Cigar Man, you just challenged the wrong woman! I have read it, studied it with some of the best theologians (far more than any 5 years too)- even those who have been on the Jesus Project, and know it fairly well. I have gotten a very thorough education about it. I’m a non-theist now. It was through getting educated about it that I became a non-theist as well as a Humanist. Yes, the theologians I studied and do study with know and have no problems with it.

    So, to be really educated about the Bible does NOT mean you will become a theist. It’s a human creation, it’s fallible, and it is something for it’s time. Not for now.

    Now for the rap music- They are just songs! They afer better than some of the other crappy rap songs I have heard.

  • Tina B.

    Wow, I like that Mriana!

  • Mriana

    Thanks, but he sort of p***ed me off thinking we never have studied the Bible or other religious texts. He needs an education. 😆 Sadly, he won’t get it by being closed-minded and closed-hearted. 🙁 I guess he doesn’t realize many theologians (those who really study) end up atheists, non-theists or alike non-religious people. In reality, that’s how a lot of people end up being non-religious.

  • Thanks for this, will def have a listen.

    May even make my compilation of “freethinking atheist” tunes currently at the nominations stage on my blog!!

  • Mriana

    Hey, Labour Humanist, I love Ziggy Marley – Love is my religion (found on your site). Sounds like he thinks as I do. 😆 What album is that on?

  • thanks mriana

    it’s from an album of the same name from 2006 so should still be available on amazon etc

    spread the love!


  • Mriana

    OK Thanks. 😀 Trust me I will try to spread the love.

  • Liberal Christian Person

    sounds like rap that challenges you to think rather than go rob a convenience store, do drugs, or wear bling-bling. Even those who disagree w/ the lyrics must agree it has much more substance than the other rap out there today.

  • Maria

    Oh Cigar man, chill out. They’re just words. Besides, there is so much Christian music out there today, I don’t exactly think it’s harmful for atheists to have music too.

  • Mriana

    I agree with you, Maria.

  • “[C]hill out. They’re just words.”

    Is that what passes for a thoughful reply in atheist circles? If Maria & Mriana really buy that sentiment, then they can just ignore anything distasteful that Christians say, ’cause they’s just words too.

  • Maria

    Is that what passes for a thoughful reply in atheist circles? If Maria & Mriana really buy that sentiment, then they can just ignore anything distasteful that Christians say, ’cause they’s just words too.

    What I meant to say and probably didn’t say very well, is that they’re just words that challenge how you think, but they don’t encourage violence or anything like that, unlike most rap. And they don’t damn you to hell, either. I don’t have a problem with most Christian music that sings about Christ and love and forgiveness and all that. What I have a problem with is the Christian music that sings about how bad non-believers are and how they’re all going to hell.

    That being said, I have a MAJOR bone to pick with another atheist rap artist. I don’t have a problem with Greydon Square, and I know most atheist “hip hop” is like that, so that’s cool. However, a friend sent me something the other day that very much concerned me. I went and checked it out and heard it for myself. What about this guy “Mr. Gawn?” I heard this song “I would say god” and these lyrics in it: “F*ckin’ Christians, if I can’t convert ’em I’ll burn ’em. Learn ’em a lesson with my Smith and Wesson straight in their sternum. Damn Christians if I can’t teach ’em I’ll beat ’em free ’em” by leadin’ em to the garden of eden”.

    What is up with that??? I read that the so called “rational response squad” of which this artist is a major member, said it was a “great song”. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me. Yet, I would expect a little better behavior from people who claim to be “rational”, even though the rss is not exactly known for being nice and I have never been able to bring myself to support them. I thought the blasphemy challenge was a good idea but that was about it. How is this any better than the mainstream rap that everyone is so worried about that openly advocates violence? Also, how is this any better the “left behind culture” that sings and talks about non-believers burning in hell? This is very very disturbing, hypocritical, and disappointing (I guess I just expected a little more from an artist that claims to support “reason” then resorting to immature talk of violence). I hope this is an isolated incident, and not something we’ll see much more of. Otherwise all it will be is bigotry. I don’t understand how anyone can support someone who sings stuff like this. If the religious right cries “persecution” at this one, well, they’ll actually have a leg to stand on. I know it’s only one song so far, but how is this going to solve anything? This is only going to further the stereotype of atheists as bad and violent people. Lyrics like this from any artist no matter what background are disturbing.

    Anyone care to fill me in on what this is all about? Perhaps I have judged this unfairly (actually I’m hoping I have). If so, what is the explanation for this?

  • Just listen to the music.. If you like it you do, if you don’t you don’t.

    Also if your religious or not, don’t argue on what’s right or wrong just do what you do. It’s not worth going back and forth.

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