I Want This, Too June 4, 2007

I Want This, Too

DefCon has a couple bumper stickers about the Creation Museum that are worth checking out. This one is my favorite, though:


It’s not like Ken Ham’s museum is the only game in town. More Crazy Museums are opening up! Check out this posting dissecting the promotional video of another Creation Museum, this one in Canada.

More bumper stickers (and shirts) are available here.

(via The Great Realization)

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  • Have you ever been to the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, TX?

    I noticed this building while visiting Dinosaur Valley State Park a few years ago. I’ll bet those pineapple-eatin’ dinosaurs hung out there!!

    Nearby: the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (very cool). http://www.fossilrim.com if you’re interested.

  • Jen

    Go dinosaur! Eat white Adam and Eve!

    They are opening a creation museum in Canada? I thought they were smarter than us.

    Also, I am shocked the other bumper sticker said 2007 AD. I thought the party line was “2007 CE” for Common Era.

  • Mriana

    I like the bumper sticker, because it says it all. 😆

  • Maria

    I got this email from Defcon today. I thought it summed things up really well. Check out the videos too:

    DefCon to Creation Museum: Thou Shalt Not Lie

    This past Memorial Day, the religious right’s $27 million “Creation Museum” – an institution dedicated to promoting the lie that science supports the notion of a 6,000-year-old Earth – finally opened its doors.

    Over the last few weeks nearly 25,000 concerned Americans have joined our effort and signed our petitions condemning the museum’s blatant attempt to push bad science and deceive children, including 5,000 educators from all 50 states.

    Last Monday, DefCon took our message directly to the “Museum” and the organization behind the anti-science campaign, Answers in Genesis. As the first public visitors walked through the doors, a plane flew over head carrying a banner that read, “DEFCON SAYS THOU SHALT NOT LIE.”

    View of a video of the plane here:


    Despite the claims of Answers in Genesis (AiG), our opposition has nothing to do with religion; it’s about bad science.

    The museum is only the most recent attempt by the religious right to create controversy where none exists – whether that means pushing intelligent design in the classroom or inserting anti-evolution stickers in text books.

    Our concern is ensuring Americans know what’s really at stake, and thanks to the hard work of thousands of DefCon members, we succeeded.

    Over the last few weeks DefCon’s effort has garnered national media attention, shining a light on the bunk science that AiG had hoped to disguise with their $27 million “Museum.”

    In fact, last Monday night, DefCon advisory board member and noted physicist Lawrence Krauss debated AiG head Ken Ham on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor. Watch the video of the debate here.


    We’re not giving up on our campaign. Be sure to sign our petition condemning the museum if you haven’t yet done so and keep up the great work.

    Focus on the Family Takes on DefCon Over Creation Museum

    The May 22 edition of CitizenLink, the Focus on the Family daily email, carried this headline: “Liberal Group Assails New Creation Museum.” (link: http://defconblog.org/2007/05/focus-on-the-family-takes-on-defcon-over-the-creation-museum)

    The article went on to provide cover for the “Creation Museum,” and an opportunity for AiG head Ken Ham to continue to push the pseudo-science the “Museum” is based upon.

    Quotes from DefCon were pulled from an email we sent to Focus in response to an interview request. As usual, they selectively chose the aspects they wanted to take, but we thought you would be interested in the full letter we sent to Focus on the Family:

    “DefCon focuses on a number of issues – one of the most important is fighting attempts to undermine science education and scientific understanding.

    “AiG has every right to build the “Creation Museum” and we’re not challenging that. Our campaign is focused on exposing AiG’s attempt to institutionalize a lie; namely that science supports the notion of a 6,000-year-old earth. To be clear, science does not.

    “To claim that the Earth is only 6,000 years is simply not scientifically sound – your own website reveals this reality as it discusses the Cambrian Explosion which you acknowledge was “an event that began 530 million years ago.”

    “Millions of faithful Americans acknowledge the important role science plays in our country and our culture – from medicine to travel to the internet. These two areas are only exclusionary when people like Ken Ham declare that you can’t believe in God and evolution. That’s preposterous.

    “Unfortunately, Ken Ham has spent $27 million to target children and create a controversy where none exists. Our opposition to the museum has nothing to do with religion, it’s about bad science. We want Ken Ham as well as the rest of America to know that Americans are opposed to his war on science education, and we call on him to stop promoting this falsehood at the expense of our children.

    “Lastly, representatives from DefCon have in fact visited the museum – including our board member Chris Hedges. AiG has also made no secret of what is inside the museum, including a virtual tour.”

    We’re gearing up for an exciting summer with a number of new campaigns.

    In the meantime, please stay tuned to the DefCon Blog for daily updates.

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

    Clark and the rest of the DefCon Team

  • Tracey

    You may need to do more research on it, but I believe the Canadian museum is affiliated either with AiG/Ham, or the original ministry he broke apart from.

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