Atheist Book on Religious Reading List June 2, 2007

Atheist Book on Religious Reading List

Last week, I mentioned that Detroit Free Press religion writer David Crumm made his suggestions for the Top 10 Books for Spiritual Summer Reading.

I Sold My Soul on eBay was on that list.

Crumm ran a follow-up column today where he talks about some of the reader comments he received about the list. Here’s the beginning of that column:

LAST WEEK: Our Top 10 Books for Spiritual Summer Reading drew lots of reader comments.

Some readers thanked us for including, for the first time in this annual list, an atheist book (“I Sold My Soul on eBay,” by Hemant Mehta). “It feels like my viewpoint is part of the discussion. As atheists, we’re often ignored,” Sue Rogers of Royal Oak said.

Many readers said they had trouble finding “Revelations: Personal Responses to the Books of the Bible,” a book by various writers, because the title is tricky to search for at online retailers like Amazon. A tip: The title is plural with an “s.”

That’s sweet (and true) of Sue to say.

Let this be a lesson. When you compile your spiritual reading list, just include all atheist books. It gets you the positive feedback.

And religious books are too confusing.

Why don’t people in Detroit know how to copy-and-paste into an Amazon search box…?

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