Video of the Creation Museum Protest May 31, 2007

Video of the Creation Museum Protest

Ashley Schulte of the Ohio Rational Response Squad made an awesome video using footage from the Rally for Reason.

And I am in it. For two seconds.

(By the way, check out the wonderful Atheist Dance at the end! It’s like our new handshake.)

A second video (inside the museum) will be coming soon.

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  • though it may be a little trivial, I’m wondering – does anyone know what the background music is in this video? I thought it sounded pretty good.. thought I might grab a copy off the ‘net if I could..

  • HA! David!

    I recognized those riffs from Garage Band.

    It’s free with every mac!

    I think the Smalkowskis rule. I love the dad. That guy’s the straight talk express. Put that guy on tv. He’s the zero bullshit zone.

  • David, Siamang’s right. My friend Daniel made it with Garage band – very cool program. 🙂

  • Tina B.

    Yes, I love the Smalkowski’s too. Their daughter Nicole is one brave young woman! Mr. Smalkowski is a perfect spokesperson for atheism, love him! Great video and good to see you Hemant.

  • I suppose that explains why I could swear I remember hearing it somewhere else… is it just some sort’ve music sample library that comes with the program?

  • Karen

    I think the Smalkowskis rule. I love the dad. That guy’s the straight talk express. Put that guy on tv. He’s the zero bullshit zone.

    I was gonna say exactly the same thing, Siamang! We need him as a spokesperson, no doubt.

    He’s like The People’s Atheist.

  • Yeah, David. Garage Band is an audio and music studio (for the rest of us). It’s part of the iLife suite of tools that come for free with every Macintosh.

    It’s great for composing your own movie scores, podcasts, or just if you want to slap together a bass line and drum tracks so that you can play lead guitar… Presto, instant back up band. It comes with a large library of wonderful studio-recorded riffs that are very professional. And of course they sell expansion packs.

    But the program is great fun right out of the box.

    The composition to this movie isn’t just one track of library music. It’s many different baseline and drumlines, with violin riffs layered in. Think of it as the musical equivalent of putting together a bunch of lego blocks to create a new composition.

    And now you’re getting an inkling of the fun of creating with Garage Band… it’s a toybox for music.

  • Mriana

    Thanks for sharing that video, Hemant. 🙂

  • Kim

    But why do you care? I can understand why a Christian would be concerned about an athiest (the salvation of your soul) but why is an athiest concerned about Christianity? The way I see it, if you are a TRUE Christian, the only thing you will be doing to an Athiest is be kind to them. Why would an Athiest try to convert a Christian? What difference does it make to you?
    (There is no malice or sarcasam intended in this post… I’m truly curious. I know tone can be misinterpreted in an email, so please know that I’m not trying to be a pest.)

  • Richard Wade

    Your questions seem earnest and honest, and so you deserve an earnest and honest reply. Your questions seem to be based on a misconception. Watch the video at the top of this page. There is nothing there about “converting Christians.” About half of the people interviewed speaking against the museum are Christians. As the speakers at the beginning stress over and over, this is not about religion, this is about science.

    The owners of the Creation Museum cynically are attempting to co-opt and hijack science to garner power and money from people who don’t have enough education to realize that they are being hoodwinked. They’re not being deceived about God, they are being deceived that science supports these narrow views that want to portray a Biblical metaphor as literal fact.

    You owe your life to science right now. The clothes on your back, the food in your belly, the medicine in your veins, the technology you use every day for your livelihood were all brought to you by science, a discipline of thought that constantly demands its own correction. It has been spectacularly successful in making people’s lives better, safer, longer and more satisfying. So it has great persuasive power, and the people behind the Creation Museum want to steal that persuasive power for their own ends, to gain power and money by misleading the ignorant.

    Our civilization is now entirely dependent on a constant flow of good, reliable science. Creationism masquerading as science with slick exhibits, scientific jargon tossed around and twisted scientific theories threatens the integrity of science and misleads the public about what science is and what it does. Our civilization will crumble if we allow science to be corrupted by ambitious demagogues.

    Christians should be outraged by this museum, and many are because it co-opts and hijacks their religion as as well as science.

    Kim, if you are a Christian, please be assured that most atheists are not interested in “converting” you to atheism. If they have any interest in your opinions at all they want you to understand what science is and how important it is to protect it’s progress. This does not require you to abandon the essence of your faith. Many Christians accept the findings of science without any difficulty in following the way of Christ.

    So to answer your very first question, “Why do you care?” it’s because we care about people in the here-and-now. We want people’s lives to get better and better, and for them to be well informed so that they can make intelligent decisions about their private lives and about social issues. In addition to their concern about our souls, many Christians are working with us to protect and to improve the quality of life on earth.

    I hope you can join us. It’s not a conversion, it’s an invitation.

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