So Much Cooler Than a Cat Playing Piano May 25, 2007

So Much Cooler Than a Cat Playing Piano

Well, you won’t see this video in the Creation Museum. Because it’s educational.

It’s like my entire Cell Biology course in 8 minutes.

The inner life of a cell:

(via Street Anatomy)

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  • Excuse me, Hemant – nothing is cooling than a cat playing piano.

  • Darryl

    Notice that they didn’t mention God once. They’re evil! Evil, I tell you!

  • I saw parts of this set to music,

    but it’s great to see the whole thing with narration. Thanks for posting it.

  • IMBruce

    Where can we faithless find a “sense of wonder”? Right there. Very nice. I was adrift for context much of the time. This is all inside a cell? What kind of cell is it? etc.

    Thanks, that was awesome.

  • I’ve heard of BioVision before.. and probably seen one of their animations before.. but this video is just plain incredible! I took AP Biology in high school my sophomore year (sophomore in college now), so it’s been a while.. it’s really neat to see all of the machinery we talked about in that class in action there. There is so much scientific knowledge displayed in that 8 minutes! I could watch that stuff all day.

  • Thanks for posting this. I would think the creationist museum would be more effective by playing this on a big screen.

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