I Sold My Soul On eBay Review: Free Mind Joe & Community of Hope May 22, 2007

I Sold My Soul On eBay Review: Free Mind Joe & Community of Hope

We have a couple people posting their thoughts on I Sold My Soul on eBay.

First, Greg over at Free Mind Joe. Greg is a non-religious person as well, but he gets what I was trying to do in the book and he feels like it succeeded:

While “I Sold My Soul on eBay’s” publisher, Waterbrook Press, produces material for a religious audience (they are “an autonomous evangelical religious publishing division of Random House“) Hemant doesn’t tone down his atheist views for this type of reader. If he comes across blatant misconceptions, exclusivity, or outright bigotry he makes note of it. When a group prays for something petty or for only the “in group’s” good fortune, or a Minister proclaims that those who have not found Jesus are lost Hemant points it out and wonders why.

He also makes some kind comments regarding the tone and goals of the writing which I appreciate:

The tone of “I Sold My Soul on eBay” is laid back and congenial (if you have ever heard Hemant speak publicly that tone will probably be familiar). We nonbelievers can benefit from Hemant’s church visits (hey, he went so I don’t have to!) and I hope that religious readers can benefit from some short explanations of atheist viewpoints and atheist humanity. Forthright and considerate, honest and kindly, “I Sold My Soul on eBay” is a unique work with the potential to help bring people together.

But how does a Christian feel about this book?

Stew at Community of Hope says this:

It was a great read and would do well to make it’s way in to a seminary curriculum for prospective pastors.

That would be awesome.

Stew shares a number of passages that he enjoyed from the book and ends with these words:

Hemant’s observations can help us awaken to the conversations going on around us about faith, doubt, and the meaning of life; conversations that quite often don’t involve the church.

That’s sweet. I hope those conversations are starting to happen.

As always, you can read more thoughts about the book on the review page.

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  • You know, if you got anything less than “The World” I think Jesus could have gotten you a better deal. He said it little profited a man that he should gain the world and lose his soul, so I’m thinking even “the world” would have been a buyer’s market.

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