I Sold My Soul On eBay Review: Mriana’s Page May 21, 2007

I Sold My Soul On eBay Review: Mriana’s Page

Frequent commenter Mriana posted her review of I Sold My Soul on eBay at her site.

She says a number of positive things such as this:

As one reads I Sold My Soul On eBay you forget he is an atheist or find that it does not matter because you see a very nice intelligent man who wants to inquire into what he knows little about and give something in return. He gave back to the people, the community, and the world with his book.

Mriana also sheds some light on why many of the churches’ traditions/rituals may not make sense to newcomers.

Read the full piece here.

As always, you can read more thoughts about the book on the review page.

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  • Brian Macker

    That reads like “… you forget he is an retarded mass murderer or find that it does not matter because you see a very nice intelligent man …

  • Mriana

    I’m glad you appreciated what all I said in your reveiw, Hemant. 🙂

    I did not mean it that way Brain. At the very beginning I said it was unimportant, because it is not part of a personality. If you read the whole thing it might have become clearer. I don’t think Hemant took it that way and I think he’s gotten to know me fairly well over the last few months to understand what I mean.

    I’m not sure why you took offense, Brian, unless you did not read the whole thing. To interpret that way is to take it out of context. The focus of my review was not on atheism, but rather his good character and qualities (or what is in his heart). Part of his goal was to break a stereotype.

    As a mother of two bi-racial sons (their father is Black) we come across stereotyping a lot, but when people get to know my sons and me (I’m divorced), the colours become superfluous. My older son has a White girlfriend (an atheist) and her parents are cool with them dating. Her mother, a Fundamentalist Christian, forgets I’m a Humanist who use to be married to a Black man. Black families don’t concern themselves with the variety in our family either, but rather our character. So, these things are not the focus, just as it becomes not the focus in Hemant’s book.

    So, yes. It doesn’t matter, Brian.

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