Flying Spaghetti Monster May 21, 2007

Flying Spaghetti Monster


Here’s a fun opportunity for all you Pastafarians.

Bobby Henderson, the creator of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and author of The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, has kindly offered to answer questions from Friendly Atheist readers.

So leave your questions in the comments area!

And make them good.

Or else face the wrath of His noodly appendage…

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  • Cool…

    Okay, two questions. One is: Eyepatch, Parrot, Hook, Pegleg… How much is too much?

    Now a serious one: Have you gotten any feedback from people who tell you that the FSM letter changed their opinion of ID? I’d really like to hear positive reactions.

    I do think the FSM moved the debate, and in a positive way. But I love reading the testimonials of people who describe changing their minds. Did you get any of those?

  • terrence

    Dear Great One: Why does your most sacred form of 2-foot longness, so very hard to find these days, seem to taste tastier than any other of your store-bought forms? And are manicotti, tortellini, shells, rigatoni and the like nothing more than demons mocking your One True Form?

  • Miko

    Does spelling “midget” this way make me a heretic?

  • I’ve got one. The one that first got me into this. Do you think it’s worth risking splitting the left between religious believers and those who mock them and likely losing key elections in swing districts over this? It is a serious question.

    If you’re not a leftist or liberal please give the idea that it might not be worth losing an election and allowing the Republicans bent on destroying the separation of church and state to get two or three more Supreme Court appointments. I’m kind of partial to the non-establishment of religion and would give up quite a bit to keep it.

  • anti-nonsense

    Did you expect the FSM to become as well known and popular as it is? Were you surprised by the response to the original letter?

  • Brian Macker

    What is your position on apostates of the FSM? Are they punished in the afterlife, and do they merit punishment on earth by pirates?

    My personal god is so great that before he made the universe he made himself retroactively nonexistant. Does the FSM exhibit any powers equal or greater than this? If not then why should I convert?

    Has the FSM every commited any genocidal purges on mankind like allegidly doen by other allegied dieties?

    The phrase, “That’sa one spicy a meatball” what’s it’s true origin?

  • 1. Where did you get the idea for the FSM originally? Was it divinely inspired, or did you just have pasta the day you had to invent a new god?

    2. Do you ever fear that someday that pastafarianism could actually turn into a real religion? That some day after you are dead certain people who start to actually believe this?

    3. Is alfredo okay, or is it marinara only?

  • Stripper factory: are these wizzled, chunky, townie strippers or younger, fresher, fitter strippers?

  • HappyNat

    Can I get extra garlic bread with my god?

  • Tina B.

    Do you ever read those crazy, funny, hilarious, witty, comments on the site? I’m familiar with the regulars…Pixel Pete, Wench Beth, Dutch Pasta Guy and more.
    I sent in a photo of my handmade christmas ornament, it’s on top of my tall spaghetti jar now. Ramen!

  • Miko

    Have you considered copying’s strategy and trying to find out who is the highest-ranking member of the government that acknowledges the FSM?

  • Miko

    A Load of Bright has recently pointed out that justifying the anti-abortion position on the grounds that an abortion would prevent the development of a human life would mean that one would also have to be anti-contraceptive and indeed anti-abstinence. What is the opinion of the Church of the FSM on this issue?

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