The Anonymous Atheist Complaint Box May 18, 2007

The Anonymous Atheist Complaint Box

Something Awful presents letters sent to the magical, non-responsive Anonymous Atheist Complaint Box. A sampling of some of the letters:





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  • Man, I empathize with the second one especially – except, sometimes it won’t get out of my head! 😛

  • Daniel

    This is a sort of follow up to the Anonymous Cristian Complaint Box from a few weeks ago. Don’t know if you covered that one too, but it was really funny as well.

  • That last one has to be a forgery.

  • Mriana

    The last one maybe a forgery, but it was rather mean to make her walk home. However, it seems rather typical- not the walking home bit, but the “two-faceness” of some X-ians.

  • Ard Vraaken

    It’s really too bad there isn’t a Hell, since Jerry Falwell deserves to burn for eternity in it.

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