Bertrand Russell, Atheist May 18, 2007

Bertrand Russell, Atheist

In honor of Bertrand Russell’s birthday today, The Exterminator at No More Hornets created a puzzle for you to solve. It’s fun as long as you are literate and can follow instructions… hey, wait! Come back!

Start with the words Bertrand Russell, Atheist. Line up the letters, closing the spaces between words and eliminating the comma. Then perform each step. When you arrive at the end, if you’ve followed all directions correctly, you’ll find an appropriate phrase.


02. reverse the order of the 6th and 7th letters from the right

03. change all L’s to C’s

04. move the 3rd consonant from the right to make it the second letter from the left

05. reverse the order of the 4th and 7th letters from the left

06. move the 5th letter from the left to the right end

07. move the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th letters from the left, in that order, to the right end

08. change all E’s to Y’s

09. insert MN in place of U

10. change the 4th letter from the left to a W

11. wherever a letter appears twice in a row, remove one

12. reverse the order of the 2nd and 3rd letters from the right

13. double the 2nd letter from the left

14. change all B’s to A’s

15. move the 3rd letter from the left to the right end

16. replace all R’s with I’s

17. replace the 2nd S from the right with O, and drop the letter after it

18. not counting Y as a vowel, reverse the order of the 1st two vowels from the left

19. reverse the order of the 10th and 11th letters from the right

20. move the last letter at the right to the left of the 1st Y from the right

21. reverse the order of the 1st and 4th letters from the left

22. reverse the order of all C’s and the letters just to the right of them

23. replace the 7th letter from the [right] with an R

There was one mistake I found in the original puzzle (in rule 23, “left” should be “right”) so I corrected it above.

Cool puzzle! Thanks to No More Hornets for creating it.

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  • Hemant:

    I made the fix on my own post, too. Glad you enjoyed the puzzle.

  • Hugo

    Too much work!

  • Max

    For those too lazy to solve it 😉


    That was awesome. 🙂

  • Dear old Bertie, a figure of my childhood, the model of my favorite Latin teacher. I learned all the old arguments Russell made through my teacher, and I had an answer to every one of them. I hate to break it to you guys, but he and my old Latin teacher, they’re yucking it up in heaven, telling old atheist jokes.

    I startled my Latin teacher by knowing about Carvarka and Sri Aurobindo Ghose. He couldn’t believe a hayseed like me could now about those.

  • You know, I didn’t notice it said left at all. I guess my mind inserted “right” in because it logically followed that the “y” was the only letter out of place (having been vaguely familiar with the title “Why I am not a Christian”). Or, something like that.

  • I made a mistake somewhere, but the beginning of the phrase (“WHYIAMN”) was enough for me to figure out what the entire phrase would be. Maybe I was supposed to have considered Y a vowel except for the18th step.

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