He Bought My Soul on eBay May 16, 2007

He Bought My Soul on eBay

Jim Henderson will be speaking on the University of Washington Campus (in Seattle) on Monday, May 21 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. The event will be in Thomson Hall Room 101.

Go check him out!

What will Jim be talking about?

A full description of the event is below the fold.

One morning, an evangelical preacher named Jim Henderson was surfing eBay when he discovered a highly unusual offer. Halfway across the country, an atheist college student named Hemant Mehta was letting people bid on his eternal salvation. For every $10 they bid, he would go to a church, mosque or synagogue for one day in a earnest attempt to understand religion. After making sure that he was serious, Jim put in a bid and woke up the next day to find out he owned Hemant Mehta for the princely sum of $504.

What followed from there was a grand journey through some of the most diverse churches in America from Ted Haggard’s megachurch in Colorado Springs to a local Irish church Hemant had walked passed every day to get to class. Hemant wrote about his experiences as an atheist on Jim’s blog and observed everything from his perceived lack of community in churches, “families sit far apart from other families, and people race out the front doors to their cars as soon as the service ends”, to how surprised he was at the willingness of Christians to perform incredible acts of good work without trying to judge or convert the recipients. The comments he garnered from both Christians and Atheists were overwhelmingly positive and many Christians found that he had voiced frustrations they themselves shared. His blog became so overwhelmingly popular that he was approached by a Christian book publisher and asked to convert his experiences into the recently published book titled “I Sold My Soul on eBay”.

Jim Henderson will be speaking at the University of Washington next Monday about his experiences with Hemant and about the intersection of faith and non faith. He will tell the story of how he got involved with hiring an atheist to go to church and what he learned from this experience as well as his perspective on how people on both sides of the debate can more effectively engage with each other. This event is jointly sponsored by the Secular Student Union and the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and will feature a book signing by Jim of both his and Hemant’s books.

Come join us on Monday to discover the story of two people’s journeys of discovery and how they changed through them. Feel free to promote this event to anyone you think might also be interested and we hope to see you there!

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  • Jim Henderson

    I guess I will be signing your name on your books:-) Wish me luck!

  • This event is jointly sponsored by the Secular Student Union and the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship…

    Bravo on that point. Fantastic.

    Congratulations. This is really good news.

  • This event is jointly sponsored by the Secular Student Union and the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

    This part is especially cool!

  • Phil H

    As someone sponsoring this event at UW, I’m very excited about it as well. I’m a full time staff person with the InterVarsity group, and have made a number of good friends in the SSU at UW. I’m all for this event and future events/relationships built like this!

    Thanks for your great site, Hemant. A friend from the SSU at UW just turned me on to it.

  • Eliza

    Cool! I might be able to attend (with my son)! Are tickets needed?

  • I don’t think tickets are needed as this is a campus event.

  • Xianhang Zhang

    Hi Eliza,

    Tickets are not needed and it is a totally free event. We would love for you to come.

    Xianhang Zhang

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