Why the Low Attendance? May 9, 2007

Why the Low Attendance?

I had written previously about the low attendance for the National Day of Prayer events. As for the National Day of Reason, there were atheists who gathered to talk about separation of church and state, or who donated blood, but virtually no media covered it (with the exception of a British newspaper).

Why is this the case?

Tim Stiffler brings this question up at the eBay atheist blog. He also asks why we need a day like this at all. Should we be donating blood throughout the year?

Absolutely, we should. My thinking was that by promoting one specific day to do things like donate blood, we’d get better turnout. Clearly, I was wrong on that…

What do you think?

I’m closing the comments on this thread. If you’d like to respond, please go to the eBay atheist site!

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