Shelley the Republican Discovered My Secret April 28, 2007

Shelley the Republican Discovered My Secret

They know I’m part of the “evil atheist conspiracy.” And I was so trying to keep my atheist agenda hidden. Alas. I guess I must tell the truth now…

Everyone, I’m an atheist. And I would like others to understand what that entails.

*phew* I actually feel much better now.

Here’s what Tristan writes:

PERSECUTOR We at have been the victims of persecution. This man who calls himself “The Friendly Atheist” has written shocking things about our own dear Shelley. He is part of the evil atheist conspiracy which aims to destroy our ability to reveal the truth about what is happening in America.

So I’m the persecutor. Who’s being persecuted? Apparently, Michael Behe, Tom Delay, and Shelley the Republican.

I should just surrender, them figuring me out and all…

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  • Really, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. That post was quite incoherent, and only those with a severe case of brain-rot could make much (if any) sense of it.

  • Disagreement = persecution, huh? So sad.

  • Andy Francis

    I’m pretty sure that STR is satire. It’s very clever, but that seems to be the consensus.

  • Wait wait wait. You’re an ATHEIST?! … why didn’t you tell us??!

    Oh wait.

  • Robin

    I would just consider it free advertisement. Who knows, maybe a sittin on the fence person will click on Friendly Atheist and realize it make much more sense on your website.

  • Robin

    I just went over there and read around more. That site is hysterical and definitely it has to be satire. Lawd have mercy, I hope so!

  • From what I recall STR is satire, along the same lines as Landover Baptist Church.

  • Howdy,

    This is my first time visiting your site, and I discovered you through the link from Shelly The Republican.

    I’ve been reading STR for several months, and have always assumed it to be satire, in a similar vein to sites like Jon Swift, Jesus’ General, Edicts of Nancy, or Landover Baptist. I find STR more entertaining than any of those sites, however, because they never break character, and the clues they leave to tell you it’s satire are much more subtle than on other parody sites.

    Indeed, judging from the torrent of responses they receive from outraged liberals on every single post, the clues may be too subtle, because some people obviously never catch on. I will ‘fess up to occasionally commenting there under my own fake neocon pseudonym just for the fun of egging people on, but it becomes boring when you realize that nobody’s catching on to the fact that you’re lampooning far-right insanity, not endorsing it.

    I have, on occasion, been tempted to leave a “FOLKS! IT’S ALL A JOKE!” comment to clue people in (maybe including the link to the page with the now-deleted disclaimer) but I don’t, because it’s not my site and hey, who am I to ruin the joke? If they want to tell people, they will.

  • kathie harper

    to those of you unsure of str’s satire status, please read number four under their “terms and conditions”, where it is clearly stated that str is a satire and not intended to be taken seriously.

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