High School Science Humor April 28, 2007

High School Science Humor

Ms. SuperScience at Beautiful Biology shares some great lines (including one of her own) from her Biology classroom during presentations the students gave on human anatomy.

A couple examples:

“When the kidney produces urine, the urine then exits the body through the uterus.”


“These are the Fallopian tubes in the picture – see? Here? These moose-looking things.”

I’m not going to have nearly this much fun in a math classroom next year… maybe I’ll have the students give presentations on Archimedes. The bathtub incident should be good for some amusement.

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  • There was a poster in my high school about the dangers of alchohol done by one of the students. It proclaimed that “drinking can hurt unborn babies”. Think of all the children we have all unwittingly mutilated!

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