American Humanist Association’s Honorary President April 24, 2007

American Humanist Association’s Honorary President

The American Humanist Association’s honorary president for the past several years had been Kurt Vonnegut.

That post had previously been held by people such as Isaac Asimov and Corliss Lamont.

With Vonnegut’s passing, someone will have to take his place.

Any suggestions as to who it should be?

The AHA hasn’t decided yet, so they’re willing to hear suggestions!

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  • Mriana

    Paul Kurtz has been recovering from heart surgery and I think he already has a position with AHA. Not sure. He’s the first person that comes to my mind though. Dawkins is British, so he’s not in the running as far as I know. How about Victor J. Stenger?

  • If we want to keep up the Asimov-Vonnegut tradition of literary figures, Salman Rushdie jumps quickly to mind.

    Or, what about Bill Gates? Don’t know if he would agree to it, but his high-profile charity work would make him a nice choice.

    In any case, I like the idea of having someone who’s built a reputation for something other than atheism. After Rushdie and Gates, I’d start looking at prominent scientists who are not mainly known for their atheism.

  • Prokop

    A joint presidency between Penn & Teller would perhaps be interesting.

  • I’d also thought of Salman Rushdie — but I also really like Steven Pinker. Maybe James Watson?

    What about Ron Reagan Jr.?

  • I’ve been thinking about this too. It needs to be a household name, but I really, really hope it’s not just another ancient white guy. Even Gates — a middle age white guy — would be a big improvement. But an Uma Thurman, Jodie Foster or Whoopi Goldberg would be better yet.
    There is also the option of finding someone who is less of a name but more likely to be active on behalf of the AHA. The wonderful Julia Sweeney perhaps.

  • Brett

    Hemant Mehta!

    Does anyone have a link to good stats on demographics on self-described Humanists in the US? While I know many other groups are represented, it seems that the ancient, white, well-educated males are quite abundant. Maybe that’s why the honorary pres’s in the past have been that way?

  • Mriana

    The problem with the U.S. stats concernig those who self-describe as Humanists, don’t always admit it openly.

    Hemant would be a good replacement. So would Whoopi for that matter. 😀 I like those choices.

  • I love all of Matt’s ideas.

    Others that come to mind: Alice Walker, Gloria Steinem, Margaret Atwood, and Helen Caldicott.

  • Edd Doerr

    My choice would be E.O. Wilson. He has the stature we need. Jodie Foster is an interesting idea, but she is too narrowly known as an actor.

  • Edd Doerr

    My choice would be E.O. Wilson. He has the stature we need. Jodie Foster is an interesting idea, but she is too narrowly known as an actor.

  • Tyler

    OH, if only Robert Anton Wilson were still with us! How about Daniel Dennett?

  • Richard Wade

    I nominate Keith Olbermann, the bane of Bill Un’Real-y and the most courageous journalist on television today.

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