From Doubter to Atheist Activist April 18, 2007

From Doubter to Atheist Activist

Becky Robinson, a new board member of the Secular Student Alliance and founder of a campus freethought group at the University of Texas at Arlington, wrote a great essay on how she went from being a religious “doubter” to an all out “atheist activist”:

As I was exploring what I do and do not believe, I seemed to be surrounded by people very willing to tell me how they (and how I should) believe. I found this very off-putting and it sent me in the other direction. The more religion was shoved down my throat, the more eager I became to define myself and my beliefs. I started to take notice of things that I had never noticed before. I took notice to how much religion was involved in politics, especially in the South, and I became appalled at how the Religious Right has been attempting to hijack my country.

Becky also tells this incredible story of how being a Christian won you bonus points on campus… literally (emphasis is mine):

During [the campus freethought group’s] second meeting, I realized how important we truly were on a campus with over 20 religious student organizations. A member came up to me and told me that her Nursing Microbiology professor was offering extra credit to students who attended the bible study that she ran. I couldn’t believe it! The student was afraid to say anything, since the same professor would be grading her. If there is one thing to know about me, it is that I do not intimidate easily. I immediately sent out a strongly worded e-mail to the chair of the Biology Department and very shortly afterwards received a response informing me that there would be no extra credit given out for bible study.

Who knew that moving to the bible belt would make me an atheist activist?!

You can see why the SSA is proud that Becky was recently elected to our board 🙂

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  • Richard Wade

    This young woman’s courage and adept writing should not be overlooked. My congratulations and gratitude for her leadership in her community. Please keep us informed of her continuing career.

  • Roy

    Yay for Becky! She’s an excellent addition to the SSA.

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