Reading/Signing at Barbara’s Bookstore April 13, 2007

Reading/Signing at Barbara’s Bookstore

If you walk on the south side of the University of Illinois at Chicago, near the dorms I lived in one year, you can see Barbara’s Bookstore from a distance. Which is what I did:


Then I noticed something in the window… it was at a distance, but I could slightly make out the words:


So I had to go up close and check it out:


I like that 🙂 Meet author and atheist! It’s like advertising for a book reading by saying “Come meet the author!… but if that doesn’t work for you, here’s another selling point: He’s an atheist!” Actually, I suppose being an atheist writer is an “in” thing at bookstores right now.

The image is also interesting. I assume that’s me, with wings, writing the book at my computer. Ironically, it kind of makes me look like the Hindu deity Krishna (left):


I’m looking forward to the reading/signing. Hopefully, there will be Q & A time as well. If you’re in the area, please consider coming to Barbara’s Bookstore on Tuesday night at 7:30 (CST)!

It is a Chicago Readerrecommended” event, after all.

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  • Just how does one get “recommended” by the Chicago Reader, anyhow?

    Congrats that you are, though.

  • Vincent

    I suspect that’s not supposed to be you, but rather Gabriel or some other angel bidding for your soul on e-bay.

  • Siamang

    Those Hindu gods get all the hot babes.

  • I’m devastated that I have to poll-watch all day and can’t check it out . . . hope you do more readings in Chicago! : )

  • Theologienne– There will be another in due time. Or you can just leave the polls. No one will notice… 🙂

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