New The God Delusion Book Cover! April 11, 2007

New The God Delusion Book Cover!

Wow. Lots of postings dealing with books today.

I had written previously about not really liking Richard Dawkins’ book cover for The God Delusion. Not everyone agreed.

But the folks at The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (RDF) are offering you a new book jacket!


The cover that receives the most votes will be created and offered to anyone who makes a $10 donation to the RDF. The new cover would take the place of the original one (whether you have the US or UK edition). And it would make the book look much better, too, in my humble opinion.

You can vote for your favorite color cover here.

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  • Mriana

    I like the black and red ones the best. Of course, all three are very nice.

  • Richard Wade

    They’re all too flashy. I took the shiny silver jacket off my copy and shredded it. The book itself is black but has big silver lettering proclaiming the title down the spine. So I covered it with brown paper with the title, “How to Clean Your Own Septic Tank.” That way nobody will be interested in looking over my shoulder or asking me about what I’m reading. Wouldn’t want the Defenders of the Faith to kick my ass.

  • i liked the original silver bookcover. i thought it was brilliant and i’ll keep it, thank you!

  • Hemant, I referenced you in a recent post and wanted to make sure you were aware of it:

  • These all look too Karen Armstrong for my taste. That being said, I like the red one best.

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