Julia Sweeney in Chicago This Weekend April 9, 2007

Julia Sweeney in Chicago This Weekend


Julia Sweeney once played androgynous Pat on Saturday Night Live. You remember Pat. Pat was hilarious.

Now, Julia is touring with her one-woman show called Letting Go of God, a monologue about how she went from being a Catholic to being an atheist. The first part of it can be seen here (from the recent TED conference):

I’ve said this during a number of speeches in the past year, but this is one of the best examples of Positive Atheism I’ve ever seen. Really. You could take your devoutly religious family to the show and not be afraid of their reactions. They may still disagree with her decision to become an atheist, but it’d be difficult to dislike her because of it. She’s that good at talking through her thought process. She’s also someone who doesn’t harbor resentment against the religion she was raised with.

Plus, there is a great jab at Deepak Chopra in the show. Because he’s full of &*@#.

Julia can be heard as the Not-My-Job guest on Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! this weekend on national NPR affiliates.

And she can be seen in Chicago this Friday the 13th (ironically enough) at 7:00 pm (CST) and Saturday the 14th at 3:00 pm (CST) at the Lakeshore Theater.

Tickets are $25. And they are so very, very worth it. If you want tickets or more information, go here.

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  • WayBeyondSoccerMom

    I have Julia Sweeney’s DVD of “Letting Go of God”. It’s excellent. My entire family has listened to the DVD (we listened in the car during long drives), and my 13 year old son now quotes her to others. And, I loaned the DVD to my church going brother, and although he didn’t become an atheist, he called me up as soon as he had finished listening to Julia Sweeney’s monlogue, to praise it. He felt she did an excellent job at telling her story, and he enjoyed listening to her. I plan on sharing the DVD with other family members, not to convert them, but to get them to understand my own path of “letting go of God”. Julia Sweeney just does it so eloquently.

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