Freedom From Religion Foundation 2007 Essay Competition April 9, 2007

Freedom From Religion Foundation 2007 Essay Competition

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has announced their 2007 essay competitions. The deadlines aren’t for a while, but you know you’re going to procrastinate, so just get started now. College-bound high school seniors and current college students are invited to enter.

High school seniors can write on the following topics: “Why I do not need religion to be moral” (where you “talk about the myth that a god or religion is the ‘source’ of morality or ethics”) or “Why religion is harmful to women” (where you “address the harmful effects of holy books and religious dogma on women from personal, political and/or historical perspectives”).

College students can write on the following topics: “Why I am an Atheist or Agnostic,” “Growing Up a Freethinker,” or “Rejecting Religion.” Those are pretty self-explanatory.

Winners in each category receive a $2,000 scholarship! Runners-up get some nice amounts of money as well. Even if you don’t win, all eligible entrants get a choice between receiving a freethought book or a school-year subscription to Freethought Today.

Bonus points from me if somewhere in your essay is the statement: “Hemant is my hero.”

More information (like the length of the essay and where to send it to) can be found here.

Good luck!

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  • I’m not a student anymore, but my first thought is, “What do bonus points from you get me? I’m not going to give you a shout out if it hurts my chances of winning real money.”

    You’ve got to offer cash. Or at least a copy of your book.

  • My sarcasm is so not working.

    Bonus points from me and $5 will get you a tall mocha from Starbucks.

    I will say that previous winners of the FFRF contest have received scholarships *without* saying I am their hero. How this happened, I don’t know. But it’s possible! 🙂

    In the future, I’ll run a real contest with books as a prize, though. I just need a good contest idea…

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