American Atheists Convention Recap (Sort of…) April 9, 2007

American Atheists Convention Recap (Sort of…)

It’ll be better to do a few separate posts on certain topics discussed at the American Atheists convention since there is so much to cover.

But for now, a couple quotations (which you’re not allowed to quote me on) and pictures!

Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists, during her introduction speech:

… has anyone come out of the closet and had a bad experience?

[Many hands go up.]

The atheism closet, I mean.

After her speech, the emcee introduced the next speaker, but first thanked Ellen for her remarks:

Bill Donohue [of the Catholic League] has said there’s a special place in hell reserved for you. And there’s probably also a special place in hell for our next speaker…

It should also be noted that C-SPAN and 20/20 were both there taping the first day of festivities. If it ever airs, I’ll let you know!

There are some fun pictures after the jump, so check them out!

Me with Ellen Johnson:


Me with Dave Kong (left, the California state director of AA) and Dave Silverman (right, AA Communications Director and blogger at NoGodBlog):


Me staring at a fun little clock someone had…:


There’s also a picture of myself, Dave Silverman, and Anna Ka (the other 2006 AA scholarship winner) at the NoGodBlog!

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  • That is a neat clock. I wonder if there has been any information about politcal affiliations, and atheists? Or any other demographic information? It is kind of nice to attend a meeting, and have, not only your atheist views be a starting point for discussion, but politics, movies, food, even tea seem to be similar. I’m sure there is some clever marketing group out there hawking bush clocks, bundles of tea, an inconvenient truth, with The God Delusion.

    I look forward to hearing more about the convention!

  • Siamang


  • Prokop

    So, are you getting to the point where you can show up at a convention and people will actually know who the hell you are?

  • So, are you getting to the point where you can show up at a convention and people will actually know who the hell you are?

    You know, sometimes my name might sound familiar to some people. But usually, I just see heads nods (like, “Oh, I remember hearing about that!”) and approving laughter when I’m introduced as “the guy who sold his soul on eBay.”

    I honestly think that this past weekend, though, more people knew me through this website than from the eBay thing.

    There are also a number of people at any atheist convention I go to that know me from prior to blogging/eBay through my work with the Secular Student Alliance.

  • Craig Fisher

    Hey Hemant,

    It was great to meet you at the convention (BTW, I took the picture above of you with Dave & Dave) and having lunch together on Saturday.

    I look forward to seeing your upcoming book!


  • Craig– It was great meeting you, too 🙂 And thanks for taking the picture!

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