What Do Atheist Bloggers All Have in Common? April 8, 2007

What Do Atheist Bloggers All Have in Common?

Well, besides the whole “not believing in God” thing, anyway?

We all have a massive crush on Micki Krimmel:

Ok, at least I do.

Damn you, submitter at Fark, for exposing her to everyone else.

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  • TGA

    Lovely, and atheist, what a sexy combination!

  • Aerik

    I’m only saying this because somebody has to be the first to take it too, too far: I was jerkin my dicki to micki before it was cool! You posers!


  • Meh. Yeah, she’s okay. Put a pair of glasses on her, and I shall HAVE to have her for my own! 🙂

    Can anyone say, “textbook case of how to respond to theism?” She makes great points on everything without being condescending or “fundie.” I especially appreciate her questions to agnostics. I once was one of these, the fence post I was straddling hurt my ass. I am glad to now count myself as being on the same side of the fence as Micki!

    Oh Micki you’re so fine you’re so fine you blow Aerik’s mind hey Micki!

  • She didn’t really have anything too original to say though.

  • I stumbled over her yesterday but my browser crashed before I got a chance to watch the video. If the theists have vestal virgins (or whatever the modern equivalent is) then we have Micki.
    It doesn’t matter whether she has anything original to say Mike, there are things that you have to say over and over again before anyone pays any attention. It worked for the theists didn’t it?

  • Oh yes, she’s cute. 😉

  • She didn’t really have anything too original to say though.

    She said something….I’ll have to go back and listen again.

    It may be old ideas to us, but it’s how they are communicated.

  • It may be old ideas to us, but it’s how they are communicated.

    Indeed 😉

  • Richard Wade

    It must be a serious pain in the ass to be an intelligent, articulate woman and to have your physical beauty obliterate all that in the eyes of men. Yeah, yeah, she’s cute. Now come back into your larger heads, guys.

    Although somebody here said that she really didn’t say anything too original, I found her statement to be the most clear and concise description of my own views I have ever heard. Her challenge to agnosticism I will definitely keep and use.

    Like most others here, at first I was struck by and distracted by her beauty and femininity. But then I felt embarrassed at myself and sad for her that I had let myself defocus off of what she had worked hard to express so well. She will have this communication handicap her whole life, and it’s because of us, not her.

    There’s another discussion going on right now on this website about why so few women attend atheist conferences. What’s happening here is a good reason.

  • Hey check it out Hemant! She likes your blog. Maybe you have a shot with her after all. 😉

    Oh wait, I think she has a boyfriend…

  • Telemachus

    Well said.

    It may not have been news to those of us who are atheists already, but it sounds as though she is targeting a theist and agnostic crowd. Many people haven’t had simple questions about faith posed to them in such a straightforward, honest manner. If it gives people pause to think, and if it shifts the common conception of the “angry atheist” ever so slightly towards viewing us as responsible, caring members of society, then it’s certainly a good thing. And I think this video achieves that.

  • These are concepts that i’ve been expressing since i was 14. Anyway, although not very originally, she shares her thought with the world. I even don’t blame the ones who made comments about her good looking face… i mean, if she’s cute, she’s cute, and guys like cute girls…stop :-).

    These is a well done video, maybe not interesting for a long time atheist like me, but maybe very interesting for somebody else.

    If i had a mystic crisis, i’d prefer to solve it with her rather than going to church.
    Stay rational 😉

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