Ellen Johnson on CNN Tonight April 3, 2007

Ellen Johnson on CNN Tonight

I don’t know whether Paula Zahn is trying to atone for the mess she made with the atheist community or whether she just enjoys digging a deeper hole for herself…

But for what it’s worth, Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists, will be Paula’s guest tonight at 8:00 EST on CNN.

According to the announcement:

Johnson will be discussing the recent Newsweek poll revealing that 91% of Americans believe in deity, half reject the findings of evolutionary science, and 62% say they would not vote for an Atheist running for public office.

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    Dear Ellen, You certainly have the right to choose your own beliefs. I watched you on t.v. for the first time and I saw that without the Spirit of the Lord, you are dead inside. Everything that you spoke about was dead.
    Who cares what the Pope says, most Catholics do not under salvation either.
    When you are on your death bed, who will you want there? Right now, you are truly an abomination to your Creator. Even science itself has disproved every false religion and points to the truth that life could not have been formed except by life, by the One who is Life Himself, Jesus. I am not condemning you, those that deny the Lord are already condemned. I want you to know true joy in the Lord, and I am putting you and your whole organization on my prayer list. I used to think the way you did, and yet in my own spirit which the Lord has given to every person, I knew I was missing out on something so huge and so wonderful. You have a willingness to read a book on evil, I shall pray for you to see a vision of hell. Even those in hell know Jesus is the Lord, but it is too late for them. You said there was nothing in the Bible that made sense to you. The Bible says that you are a fool, even though you do not have the Holy Spirit to understand the Bible, it is all truth. The Bible also says that people choose to be deceived, you are one of the most blatant examples of someone that has chosen to deceive themselves. I pray you lose all influence and power over anyone that would listen to your foolishness. I pray you will never want to lead someone into
    eternal damnation because of your lack of wisdom and discernment of anything spiritual for you will have a far worse place in hell.


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