Sam Harris vs. Rick Warren April 1, 2007

Sam Harris vs. Rick Warren

Several months ago, Time featured a debate between Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins on the subject of God.

This week, Newsweek does something similar. Sam Harris visited the offices of Pastor Rick Warren and moderator Jon Meacham was there to watch it unfold.

I was going to list some excerpts, but really, the whole thing is worth reading.

I am kind of disappointed that Rick Warren resorts to age-old arguments. I keep wondering how many times atheists have to address these issues before people understand them. For example: Where do atheists get their morals from? Atheists like Stalin were responsible for the worst crimes in the world. Warren even closes by using the argument of Pascal’s Wager.

I had thought Warren was above those petty arguments. Atheists certainly have easy responses to them…

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  • Siamang:

    Do also check out:

    Sapient Is A Tool

    These guys don’t know what to do with Sapient and his gang. One minute they characterize him as useless and stupid, and the next they say he’s some serious threat. I believe that there is good potential to respond proactively to the nuttiness of the RRS, yet these guys just sit around calling him names, quoting bible verses, and “praying.”

    (Rolls eyes)

  • Oh, I just googled Frank Walton to see if that was a good blog.

    Yuck. No thanks. He’s exactly what I’m trying to get away from.

    He and the RRS can have each other.

    Ugh, yeah, ditto that. I hadn’t heard of Walton before, but he’s like the Christian version of what I’m complaining about on that “other” thread.

  • I used to call Walton a “weenie.” He’s never strayed far from earning that title again. 🙂

    Speaking of that “other” thread, Mike C, I posted an entry in my blog that has what I believe to be a successful (and positive) resolution to the beating you’ve been taking. The “imaginary comment post” I put there was not posted by me to the “other thread” because I thought everyone else would be smart enough to understand the simplicity of the solution. Guess I was a real dope for thinking that, huh? 😉

    Meanwhile, we Atheists continue to earn the very labels we’re fighting against. Many theists are probably printing, framing, and hanging that entire thread on their walls…

  • Thanks for that Patrick. I agree that would have been a good resolution. I’m really not copping out when I say I don’t have time. This is Holy Week, which besides Christmas, is probably the busiest time of a year for a pastor.

    Anyhow, I hope the articles I posted will be sufficient to explain why I and others find Dawkins’ attitude less than friendly. Maybe it’s just ‘cuz it’s still early on a Saturday, but I’ve noticed that things have gotten quieter over there all of a sudden. 🙂

  • MTran

    I hereby nominate Mike C. for the Long-Suffering-Tolerant-Theist Award.

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