That Choir is the Bomb! March 31, 2007

That Choir is the Bomb!

The Victoria Philharmonic Choir in Canada is adding a twist to its version of Handel’s Samson.

The choir’s version of the classic story turns the Biblical tale on its head by portraying Samson as a suicide bomber in 1946 Jerusalem.

Simon Capet, the artistic director, says his goal is to “get people talking about music.” Though it looks like music will be one of the last things people will be talking about…

The shock value, however, might enlighten some people to the fact that religious fundmentalism is a problem, no matter what the religion is.

How does the choir actually pull off this story?

The biblical story tells of a man with superhuman strength, who is caught by his enemies in a moment of weakness over the woman Delilah.

He is chained in the temple by the Philistines and forced to witness a sacreligious act. He pulls down the temple, killing himself and thousands of others in the process.

Capet has moved the story to 1946 Palestine, when ultra-Zionist bombers were battling the British on land that would later become Israel.

In this version, Samson doesn’t pull down a temple, but does bomb the King David Hotel, an actual attack by militant Zionists that took place in 1946.

(Thanks to Becky at grrrl meets world for the link!)

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