God’s Not Going To Lose Your Weight For You March 31, 2007

God’s Not Going To Lose Your Weight For You

Pastor Robby Dawkins (no relation to Richard, I assume) used to weigh 425 lbs. back in 2003. And though he claims to have seen a lot of miracles, praying to God just wasn’t helping him lose weight. He did have Graves disease, a thyroid disorder that may have been a reason for the excess weight, but he wasn’t eating too healthy, either.

One day, the fluctuating hormones in his body (a product of Graves Disease) stopped fluctuating– the doctor didn’t know why this was the case, but to Dawkins, this was a sign from God.

On a personal note, there’s a lot of truth to the saying, “There are no miracles; only misdiagnoses.” Still, this “sign” gave Dawkins the impetus to seriously exercise and eat properly. He’s currently at 210 lbs. and still working on losing the weight.

While atheists could have given Dawkins the correct advice from the start, here are some memorable quotations from the article:

But the solution to Dawkins’ morbid obesity didn’t come from a command on high, although prayer helped keep him focused.

“I realized that God wasn’t going to do it,” Dawkins said. “This was a discipline issue that I needed to learn myself.”

“Morbidly obese people always believe they can’t help themselves,” Dawkins said. “And that’s not true. You can do it.”

But God’s not going to do it for you, he said. At least not all of it.

The article states that the weight loss was a “miracle.” This is an unfortunate word choice. Give credit to Pastor Dawkins for coming up with a weight loss plan and sticking to it! Don’t attribute it to anything supernatural. This wasn’t a miracle. To say it was takes away from his perseverance and determination.

VJack is more biting in his criticism of the article, and rightfully so:

What? Weight loss through diet and exercise is miraculous? In what way? Just because something is difficult does not make doing it any sort of miracle.

(via Atheist Revolution)

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  • Dirtboxnap

    Robby had surgery and pills. Funny how now, in 2012, he weighs more than he ever did. God changed his mind?

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