Maybe We Shouldn’t Change our Book Covers March 30, 2007

Maybe We Shouldn’t Change our Book Covers

Saint Gasoline does a nice, quick job of arguing why atheist books should stay away from imitating the popular Christian I-always-smile-now-take-a-picture book covers:


I suppose that wouldn’t sell so many copies. But it’s still more appealing than Christopher Hitchens’ book cover.

I also enjoyed his commentary:

The last thing I need when buying [a] book for a good intellectual romp is for the checkout clerk to think I’m buying some sort of lame self-help book because I am self-conscious about my penis size. That’s exactly what those sorts of covers say to me. Book cover: “Hi, I’m a smiling, masculine professional, here to assure you that you shouldn’t have low self-worth. You are a great, wonderful human being, or else why would I be smiling? Don’t you trust my apparent sophistication and seemingly targeted judgments?” This sort of cover would be horrid, and I hope to never see anything like it again, for the rest of my days.

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