Free Hugs from Atheists Follow-Up March 23, 2007

Free Hugs from Atheists Follow-Up

The campus atheist group at the University of Florida held its Free Hugs from Atheists event yesterday.

Today, there was a great article about it in The Gainesville Sun:

Frank Zaccaro, toting a Bible, was screaming warnings of hell to passersby when a group of atheists tried to hug him.

“No, I don’t want that!” he yelled, and jumped back beyond their reach.

One of the rejected huggers, Robert Stark, said, “It would have been a good juxtaposition to the whole, him yelling about hell.”

Frank Zaccaro. Showing Christian love.

Of course, if Christianity is true, he’s right about hell. But why reject a hug? That’s like rejecting a teddy bear holding a cookie… how could you!

Maybe atheists have some sort of Satanic Cooties that I just don’t know about.

The article also elaborated on why the hugs were being given:

“We’re working on the image of atheists,” AAFSA President Daniel Morgan said. “We’re trying to show people that there are young, happy atheists who want to give hugs.”

Morgan, a 25-year-old University of Florida chemistry graduate student, said atheism faces a “gray problem;” people often picture atheists as “older, grumpy professors.”

Vice President Brandon Smock said tabling was an attempt to dispel some common misconceptions and to “provide an alternative to the inflammatory speech that usually dominates Turlington Plaza.”

“Atheists are some of the most moral, friendliest, most intelligent people I know,” he said.

That’s the power of positive atheism. Especially when written about in the same story as a Christian who won’t even accept a hug.

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