HisHolySpace March 22, 2007


As if MySpace didn’t have enough clones, Robert’s Thought’s (can someone explain the second apostrophe?) tells us about a new one: HisHolySpace.

What is HHS?

… HisHolySpace.com separates itself from other online religious community sites, by only allowing those religions that follow [the aforementioned] Core Christian Essentials, to be promoted on the site. Anyone from any religion is welcome to join HisHolySpace.com. But if your religion and/or your beliefs fall outside the realm of the above-mentioned Core Essentials, and it is your intention to promote your religion and/or beliefs on HHS, you may be in violation of the site rules, which could result in the cancelation of your membership.

First, what’s with all those commas in the first sentence?

Second, do “other religions” ever follow the Core Christian Essentials? At first, I thought they meant Lutherans, Presbyterians, etc. But I never saw anything asking me what denomination I was. (Though during signup, they did ask me if I was Saved– I was!)

Of course, most of you won’t be able to join. As Robert says:

I was also told they do not allow cussing

Some other amusing elements here: When browsing for someone, you can’t search for Single/Married/In a Relationship/Divorced/Swinger like you can on MySpace. Nope. But you can search for Believers/Seekers/Either.

Good luck meeting the gay Christians.

And say goodbye to hookups.

On the profile pages, there are also many differences between the two sites.

MySpace Says… HisHolySpace Says…
Add to Friends Add to Congregation
Instant Message No Gossip IM
Add to Group Add to Small Group
Add to Favorites Save Me
Block User Condemn Me
Rank User Judge Me

I know there are plenty of dating sites that cater to one faith or another (or no faith). While it’s nice to share a common culture with someone, I dislike the implication that someone with a different belief system isn’t worth considering as a partner. HHS is very explicit about this. It’s not surprising. It’s just sad. Same goes for sites that cater to one particular race or ethnicity.

Would Christians who read this blog ever sign up for this HHS site? Am I way off base?

Regardless, HHS should be thoroughly mocked for overtly imitating MySpace. I mean, I know people get mad when atheists say religious people can’t think for themselves, but this is just adding fuel to the fire… where’s the originality?

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  • just a girl

    i am a christian and i was a part of hhs. although i can appreciate a site that is constructed to produce fellowship of believer i, on principle, had to leave. after getting extremely involved in the discussions i was ultimately disgusted with the disregard of a entire people group- the catholics. i consider them my brothers and sisters and it was just to much to see there voice silenced. not to mention that the decision to call catholics a cult came from the info from one web site… carm…

    and so, the non-religious educated leader of hhs, jeff, decided that he would follow the ideas of carm, some funda’mentalists’ and a 19 year old boy in declaring catholicism a cult.

    this lacks intellectual integrity, moral aptitude and heart…

  • Siamang

    That’s sad news about HHS.

    Hopefully you folks can find a more welcoming site for fellowship than that. It always makes me distinctly uneasy to hear about protestant/catholic tensions in America.

  • Jim

    Conservapedia on 9/11: “The Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 were the deadliest to ever occur on US soil…” (2996, via site).

    On Pearl Harbor: “over 3000 casualties.” I guess soil in a fundie’s mind means only that- land.

    Not that I’m specifically pointing out technical errors and/or factual inaccuracies; maybe someone ought to clarify this for me, a dumb, unenlightened atheist. Devil-worshiping, too.

  • JL

    Most of the people that are here are MEAN! I did mean to shout.
    Shame on you for being so mean to people who are trying to keep you from stepping out in front of a bus so to speak. You are hateful, hurtful and just angry. WHY? What is so bad in your lives that you have to hurt someone else? I am so very sorry you are like this. I know you will say something horrible about me for calling you on this, but I don’t care. You should be ashamed of your selves. Think about it….

  • Brian Cowell

    Well I guess you guys are right and wrong. Or maybe right or wrong. Well this is what I have to say. Why not? Why not believe in God? Why not believe?


  • Brian Cowell

    Oh yea, are you a Yank?

  • Brian Cowell

    In response to George. There is no such thing as a ‘gay’ Christian. The Bible does not support homosexuality and considers it wrong.

  • just a girl

    in response to brian cowell, the bible condemns all sin. one can be a gay christian just as quickly as one can be a christian and sin. for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, right? if you follow your line of reasoning you are essentially saying that “one cannot be a glutton and a christian also”. yet, that last time i looked, gluttony is certainly a sin. so, how many fat people in your church are you sending to hell? jesus came to set the captives free not condemn them. give people some space and grace and you might be surprised how the holy spirit will work in their lives. but point the finger and your surely going to get it broken.

  • godscreation

    I just want to leave a response on a comment that George Ayers left quite a ways up the page…….He said………A CHRISTAIN IS SOMEONE WHO BELIEVES IN JESUS CHRIST, THAT HE WAS GOD IN THE FLESH, AND DIED ON THE CROSS FOR OUR SINS, AND WAS RAISED FROM DEATH ON THE THIRD DAY …………..well George……….hate to say this but even Satan believes all those things……..so does that make him a christian as well? Just wondering, thats all. And for all you athiests out there, I want to apologize for all the christians that left comments that to mean just seemed downright condemning. For, I am also a christian. But not because of any religious prayer I said to get saved. I am a christian because God truly did change my life. I used to do drugs hardcore. I was a habitual liar. I have been married and divorced twice. I’ve committed adultry. And even though those arent as bad as other sins…….well, a sin is a sin. Guys, I am no better than any of you. And I am not going to get on here and bash any of you. Even though I have never been an athiest and can’t really relate to any of you that are, I can say that I know how it feels to be thrashed by so called “christians”. It’s not right. But I am not their judge as I am not yalls either. As a matter of fact, God is the judge….whether you believe in Him or not. I was close at a time in my life to no longer believing in God because of things that happened to me as well as some so-called “knowledge” I had. I became so angry with my life that I cursed and God and told Him to go ahead and kill me if He was real. I also said that if He truly was the Savior of the World that He would deliver me from all the junk that I got myself into and that He would have to be the one who changed me cuz I didn’t create myself, so I definitely couldn’t change myself. And I was dead serious about what I said. I was so sick and tired of all the people around me who condemned me to hell and the majority of it came from people in the church that called themselves “christians”. I truly HATED them………adding yet another sin into the category of many in my life. But, God had a plan for me. After about a couple months of the yelling at God incident, He touched me in a way that changed my life. And I am being for real here. I was still drinking, smoking, doing drugs, having sex, among other things one night, and then the very next day I woke up with a desire in my heart to go to church. That was a very awkward feeling because I hadnt been in years and I was still hungover and smelling pretty bad from the night before. And I fought it for like an hour or so, but I finally broke and went to the church that I hated. But, I didnt go for the people. I went because I thought “Well, God, if this is the answer to my prayer, then I better go.” So, I went. And something happened to me there. That was the first time I believe that I ever went to church searching for God. Most times people go to church to be seen, or to socialize, or to receive a blessing. All self-motivated reasons. I’ve been guilty of that as well. But not this time……..I went to see what God was planning. I wanted to know why this all of a sudden desire was put into my heart. And I found out……..I believe with all my heart that God used the preacher as His mouthpiece that day because there was no way that the preacher could have known every single thing that I was dealing with, not just on the outside but on the inside as well……..and HE spoke volumes to me…..not the preacher, God through the preacher. And when your sins get revealed by God, you have 2 choices: run away from God, or run to God…..and I ran with all my might to him. And as God as my witness, from that day forward I have not ever went back to any of that mess and the desire that I used to have for it all has been washed away! And I praise God for that. Now, I said all that to say all this. I didnt come in here to try to “win” yall. I came here to let yall know that yall are people just like me. Im not better than any of you. But I do know one thing, God knows(whether you believe Him or not) how to bring a person to the realization of His awesome glory. He knows what He has to give you or take away from you to get you to look up. Thats all I am saying. God is not a respector of persons and He does not look at anyone any different than anyone else. I just want yall to know that I am sorry for the so called “christians” that keep rubbing God’s name through the mud. And I know that the number 1 reason why there is Athiesm in the world today is because you guys see how we, as christians, act…….and it is no different from the rest of the world. Why should yall believe in something that we really dont magnify ourselves? So, I am so sorry on the behalf of us all. And I hope yall have a great rest of the day

  • shelbi

    You got it all wrong. First i want to say i am believer in Christ. I am glad they have that site. Yea we are seperating us from the bad stuff. Why do you actually think we have the christian sites? i am not saying to have a myspace would be bad, but the main idea behind hisholyspace is to have one without worrying about seeing bad stuff like you see on myspace that goes the same as Godtube
    if you are not save now you wasn’t save before
    i speak on a lot of Christians and a part of being saved is believing, and i know yall probably try to think i am condemning you for saying this but here it goes. we are never guaranteed a tomorrow the rapture will come at anytime and if you die where would you be heaven or hell and no you don’t earn your way to heaven by good works but you get Christ in your heart even though we don’t deserve it
    For by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of your selves it is the gift of God
    Ephesians 2;8
    for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord
    romans 6;23

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